Hello my name is Austin

Another piece of crap! This gay guy is writing a letter on the porch of a mansion and butterflies are flying. The disgusting thing is this 32 second video shows that it freezes at 30th second even though it keeps playing, when it is done you cannot x it and will have to force close the app to get rid of this crap, with a result of no credit. Seen it three times already. Disgusting.

Email Tom or support.

How can you be annoyed when you already got a free phone?

Being annoyed or not does not seem to be directly proportional to the benefit or costs of the deal. As a matter of fact, it frequently seems that people are most vocal about being annoyed by issues with free or nearly free offers........ I'm certain there's a good psychological study on the effect somewhere.......

(case in point-- how many times have we seen people cancel, threaten to cancel, or advocate chargebacks or class action for FreedomPop's random $0.01 charge?)

Lol. Funny. I don't use FP

I called them twice before I found r+. Each time I got the used car feeling. They kept pushing me to sign up. I didn't like that

FP is almost the best thing happened to my cyber life. I used to pay a lot to att the sucker, but after I found out I used less than 2 G of data each month I moved to FP. In addition, FP LTE minutes are good enough for me. If tello accepts cellnuvo golds I will be very happy. I have plenty of golds now, but not enough for a good phone.