Helium Mobile $20 per month

Did not find a thread on this... here it is.

"Helium mobile uses dual SIM system (1 voice SIM and 1 data e-SIM) so you will get 2 SIMs. Both run on T-mobile network but the data SIM also supports Helium CBRS. The voice SIM has limited data to support MMS service. Limited because the data speed on voice SIM will be lowered to 1mbps.

Whether you get a voice p-SIM or a voice e-SIM depends on the phone you select during signup. For example, if you select iPhone 14, you will get 2 eSIMs because this phone doesn't support pSIM. Otoh, if you select iPhone 11, you will get 1 voice pSIM and 1 data eSIM. The phone you select doesn't have to be the real phone you use. For example, if you want to use 1 eSIM for voice and data (but slow), select iPhone 14 and download voice eSIM to your phone.

You can use this wireless service without installing app or getting involved with crypto."

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Ha, I was writing / posting to previous Helium thread as you were posting.

Any mention of taxes/fees included or not in that SD thread?

May no longer apply?
From SD thread poster quoting CS -
we've officially ended the dual SIM setup. Going forward, all customers will use a single SIM for both voice/text and data services, eliminating the previous use of 2 eSIMs. This adjustment aims to simplify and enhance the efficiency of your experience.

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I'm still sad that, even though I signed up for the Helium beta $5/mo program, and was sent a verification email, I never received the info on how to actually get it activated, and multiple requests to customer service were ignored.

I can verify this no longer applies. I have talk, text and data on a single Helium Mobile eSIM for $5/month. I'm in one of the three southeast Florida counties (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach) where the $5 price is available.

When I originally signed up, the dual SIM kludge was required though one could opt for data only with talk & text being optional.

Taxes and telecom fees are not included in quoted pricing.