Healthy eating tips

Let's share some healthy eating tips. I'll begin with a recent change I made.

I love toast and often put too much butter on them. I've begun to substitute guacamole (organic of course) for the butter. Healthier fat and a serving or two of veggie at breakfast which doesn't often happen at breakfast (for me at least).

Also have used guacamole instead of mayonnaise in sandwiches. It's actually not that different.

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If you make fermented guacamole (look it up) it becomes probiotic which is even healthier and will last longer than regular guacamole.

Whenever I order the “Grand Slam” at Denny’s, I make sure to request Lite Syrup for the pancakes.

And a diet drink to go with that?

Nope-- a delicious Denny's milk shake--minus the whipped cream.