Heads up for anyone not using the latest app ver. 3.15

My accounts have been temporarily suspended for using ver. 2.74, I was happy with that version and don't particularly like the new app after trying it a few times. I need to contact customer service to to get my account back and use the latest version.

Thanks for the heads up. I remember Tom saying older versions won't work, but not suspension of account?

Support gets back to all of us quickly. Please let us know what happens.

Clearly they trying to force you into using 3.0 or later

That is strange. Did you get an email or was there an in app message?

It says in the FAQs:
As of August 1st 2018, we will no longer support the older versions of our app, so be sure to upgrade to version 3.00 or newer. The old version will not function after August 1, 2018

I like v3.00 the best of the new ones and you should be able to use that one.

It shows up when I try to swipe, they could have said update to latest version to to continue using the app like my banking apps etc. instead of going through customer service. I was swiping quite a bit lately and accumulating a lot of gold so maybe that's what triggered the temporary suspension, but I assumed swiping is how CN makes their money. Hopefully the new app will work better than before.

have you tried just updating the app? - maybe you aren't actually suspended but they are just trying to push you to the new app.

Tried that but no luck, the one I contacted customer service for is still suspended.

Like to hear the reason?

Don't think it is swiping too much

The account that I contacted customer service about is up and working again, getting lots of mission impossible 15 silver ads with a few 3 credit ads, ok for now.

Great at least it was not mission impossible to get your account working again lol

Did support answer you?

Maybe send a email with the other account?

Nothing from CN, the app just started working. Customer service has to get tech support to get things working again. These long 3 credit ads are real bad, didn't get those on the old app. May just have to cash in my phone installments and move on.

Ads can change hour by hour ,day by day

See what happens in a few days

Thanks, I'll give it a chance for awhile to see what happens.

Just an update, the two accounts that were temporatily suspended are working again this morning after updating to ver 3.15. Didn't have to contact support.

They should warn against that.

You did not contact support once? Thought you did

I contacted support for one account and just updaded the app on the other accounts, all are working now.

Weird. I'm using a pre-3.0 version and my account is still active. Even topped up with redpocket a couple times in the last few days. Haven't received any email or notifications about having to update by aug 1st (CellNUVO being its typical self I suppose) so thanks for the heads up!