Having Trouble "Pulling The Trigger" on Sprint $15 Plan

I hate to let a good deal pass me by-- and I even have a phone and a SIM at the ready-- but I'm having trouble talking myself into the Sprint deal that expires on the 15th of this month.

I still have 6 months left on my free Sprint year and, when that expires, I can:

  1. Port to a Mint Mobile Plan
  2. Port to a Red Pocket Plan
  3. Port the number back to FreedomPop (it's a good, easy to remember number)
  4. Hope that there's another great Sprint deal that will keep me around

We also have great unlimited plans with T-Mobile and lots of other smaller plans on a bunch of MVNOs (Tracfone, FreedomPop, Tello, TPO, etc.)

It would be nice to have an inexpensive, unlimited "keeper" plan that could, theoretically, be around for a number of years and compliment our grandfathered $37.50 T-Mobile Simple Choice plans w/LTE hotspot. (We consider our T-Mobile service to be our "real" cellphone service. Everything else is backup or just for play.)

If the smattering of MVNO plans that I have went away, a Sprint plan with some legs would be nice to have. And, post-merger, there's the small chance that it could be grandfathered with T-Mobile.

Or it could disappear in 6 months. Who knows?

The $15/month wouldn't effect our budget, but I hate to waste money, too. So I'm torn.

How about some feedback to help push me one way or the other, off the fence?

I'd like to help you decide, but I'm torn, too.
I think it's a great deal. Without the Sprint/Virgin free (or nearly free) plans, it would be the plan a lot of folks would be jumping on.
My reason for considering it is the potential of grandfathering, whether the merger goes through or not.

My reason for dithering is that it's simply more plan than I need, at a higher cost than I need to pay. I could get a Red Pocket 12-month Ebay special plan for around $8.25/month (500/500/500) that would take care of us, or wrangle Tracfone for $6-8/month average cost. Unlimited data would keep me from having to be careful/stingy (or leveraging FreedomPop/Tello 2g data.) If I need more minutes/texts per month, it would be an easy decision to go for it. (If it didn't overlap my Sprint Unlimited Free plan, it would also make it an easier decision.)

You don't need it and there are too many unlikely things that would need to happen for it to be worthwhile. It really isn't worth it.

Then again if you are this torn you probably should just do it and decided later when there is less time pressure.

Chelle wrote:
How about some feedback to help push me one way or the other, off the fence?

How about -- The plan doesn't include tethering so it's not really a keeper.

You can make any phone tether with PdaNet+.

Don't do it Chelle. $15 doesn't include taxes and fees. All included it will be $20 or more. Just open another Sprint account with one of your family members and stay with Sprint for another year 1 year free promotion. The current hot deal is MetroPCS giving away iPhone SE, porting in one number and you can get 3 new numbers and 4 iPhone SEs, the monthly plan is 4 lines for $100 unlimited (no hotspot). People who were on Sprint 1 year free plan since last year are jumping to MetroPCS in groups.

Can't beat free

Chelle..... I expect you'll be losing your TPO line (unlimited talk, I think?), and I think you have a Tello monthly plan to get that 2G fallback.......
Maybe it makes sense for you to ditch any combination of Sprint MVNO lines you have, and just pick up the $15 Sprint plan? The cumulative costs of the 'smaller' plans may not be that much cheaper than the Sprint plan.

(I think your TPO line is T-Mo, though....)

My TPO is on Sprint, but I'm thinking I'm just going to ride the horses I've got until they die.

I read, today, that Sprint is going to run more promotions in the future like the one that's ending tonight. I think I'll just snag one of those when the time comes.