Have you sen that panthetic pollfiwsh survey?

It keeps asking questions about CD /saving / market saving and goes on and on, and never ends. I answered 51 questions and it did not seems to be willing to stop. so in one of those explanation question box I wrote "GO DUCK YOURSELF" and exited. Now every other swipe I will get this annoying pollfish survey.

Swiping anger issues?

Can you use gold for anger management?

That survey said it would take about 2 minutes, but it was taking forever. I looked at all of those stupid pictures and questions and answered them carefully. It was obviously developed by a donkeyass.

Is that any way for a Nigerian prince to talk? :wink:

These ad developers are very sly and dishonest. They try all they can to keep you on their ads. I just came across one with a replay button at the place where an exit button should be. Some have a fake exit button. Some make the exit button extremely hard to tap. Some direct you to a webpage even though you mean to exit. I can't help wonder, how often these ad developers have regular instead of deviated sex?


You come across as being non appreciative.
You helped your friend using cellnuvo. You are now helping yourself.

I am sure these glitches are not on purpose.

If you swipe right for ads (quick silver), those surveys that show up are very quick...only asking few questions, six or seven questions max for 100 to 250 silvers. If you swipe left for Super silver and look for surveys, when then you're looking for endless questions. I only swipe left for super silver offers...not looking for surveys. Big difference between surveys from Quick Silver versus Super Silver!

I, too, have wondered if there is sometimes skulduggery in ad design. (This would not be an issue with CellNuvo, but game playing by the ad producer.)

It's possible that it's a simple design error-- but I've seen those ads that are nearly impossible to close, or that have "take me to the site" icons that seem to functionally coincide with the visual representation of the 'close' button. Or the ads with white "close" buttons on a white background, etc. I don't think I've noticed the one with the replay button.

I have no opinion on whether or not mean-spirited ad design correlates with deviant sex.

I always said Tom should of hired Hungry-Ghost