Have You Gotten Everyone Moved To A New Provider?

As of an hour ago I'm completely done-- all family and friends are now on new plans with new carriers.

  1. Most ended up on Tello.
  2. Some are on Twigby.
  3. A few are on CellNUVO.
  4. A couple of them are on FreedomPop.
  5. One family is on Cricket. (4 unlimited talk/text/128k throttled, with 3GB LTE on each line, for $100/month, including taxes.)

One of my friends ported their number to Google Voice and forwarded to a new Tello number. I started the porting process, last Thursday, and it just finished, early this morning.

I was starting to think that the number would get lost in the abyss.

I'm quite impressed with Tello and Twigby. Rock bottom prices and great customer support. I don't know how they make the math work, but I'm glad they do.

I'm still on the fence about CellNUVO. They've got good bones but are definitely experiencing some growing pains with the huge influx.

So how many have you completed and how many are left?

I know that everyone, here, "manages" lines for less technical friends and family, so I'm sure y'all have been busy.

Been done for a while. I don't like to have things up in the air. So everyone was moved pretty much the week the bad news arrived. No issues with the ports or signing up other than being caught in the Tello delay (canceled the first ports and the second ones went through quickly)

  1. Main line is Twigby. Their customer service has just blown me away. There is always someone there online pretty much as soon as you connect when the chat hours are in operation. Emails get answered promptly. Replies are always correct and informative. Chris has also been very helpful on the forums and just signed up here today. Prices are decent, starting freebies are better than anyone else, verizon roaming etc etc. Very happy so far.

  2. I have someone on Tello - Nice flexibility with the plans/paygo with good rates. I like how the balance lasts 6 months from the last use. Great for those who do not use a lot. Or someone interested in 2g data which is good value at Tello. Customer service has been good. 2nd best.

  3. I have a secondary line on Cellnuvo. Works well for me. Great to be part of a growing business and since it isn't my main line I can roll with the ups and downs. And it is free so no risk. Yes they have been struggling a little with the growth but they are working hard. Great to see Tom on here to answer questions and to listen to feedback.

  4. Another on Mintsim with the 3 month promo. Using google voice number. Great pricing, service, features etc but they have credit at Tello from the $10 free deal which they will probably use after the 3 months are up. Trying to justify the expense at the moment but probably do not use the line enough even though they prefer tmobile vs sprint.

I have a few freedompop sims and truphone sims but they don't see much use. ATT reception is poor at my house which is a shame else I'd use the ATT LTE sim more. I have a tmobile hotspot with tmobile data I can use whenever I want to pay for a month. Works well.

No one's been on RingPlus since 2/21, so presumably everyone's had a new provider since that date.

A lot of people are in Ting Purgatory while they make more permanent plans.

I have everyone moved except one, who is still on Ting. He will stay for a couple more weeks to use up that credit! It's been a lot of work getting everyone moved and I hope to never have to do it again!

My line - MintSim
My extra line - number ported to Sideline
Husband's line - Ting, but moving to MintSim soon
Car emergency phone - Tello
Mom's line - TPO Mobile
Brother's line - Obamaphone