Have the national car ads gone?

have the national car ads gone?

Have ads dried up again?

Looks like. Today I only got one 250 silver survey and a few 3 silver videos.

Slow for me too the last 48 hours...only getting 1-2 pointers. Not worth it for now. I swipe once every few hours to see if it's picked up, if not, I stop and wait. Not getting any surveys as of late, even after clearing cache and resetting Google Advertising Id.

Just got a bunch of quick 30 silver qiips.

App crashes alot. Also tap joy surveys aren't crediting. Glad I have alot of gold. Otherwise too much time to make 10 gold a month for the red pocket plan

Exactly! Too much time for 10 gold, and I do not need 500/500/500 plan. Without PayG plan, nothing make sense anymore.

I'd highly recommend the free year of unlimited with sprint. For about $3.50 a month you get unlimited everything and can pay for it with cellnuvo. Much easier than 10 gold a month if you are struggling.

But as always the ads come and go and we have ups and downs. A few days ago I could make 10 easily and now not so much. Next week could be great again - maybe we'll see some valentine's day candy ads. Or not.. we'll see.

National ads are back one after the other.

For this offer you have to have unlocked phone, that is currently on other network, is that true? And phone should be in specific model.
For example for Moto phones only G4/G5/E4 eligible.

A lot of the ads are not crediting for me. Only the 10-credit National Car rental ones are consistently crediting.

None of the 6-credit poker ones, video games, or the 30-credit "Let it Go" app ads credit...

Yes you have to have one of the unlocked phones on the list. But you can switch in any sprint phone once you are set up so could sell the unlocked one if you don't want it. Something like the moto E4 or g4 is about $100.

No, I still get the National car ads. You can x out as soon as he says "for leisure" you don't have to watch the entire commercial. I got about 20 of them yesterday.

I see a few national ones still now and then. The 30 silver qiips have changed to 10 silver qiips now - some granola bar. Not very memorable lol. Might need to send me a few more at 30 silver.

I generally have sound muted. For those who do similar, it's when the fellow shucks his jacket.

I'm seeing a lot of those ads with 4 parts that require you to click through. I hate those!

I hate those too.....