Has anyone purchased a phone via cell Yvonne recently?

Are they still going to give Amazon credits to us to buy phones or they will actually order phones for us?


You have girls on your mind a little too much for your own health and sanity.

This is a great spelling autocorrect (nuvo = Yvonne)!

I had a few too many the other night, but I do vaguely remember something like that. Yvonne De Carlo, maybe.

I have a sane mind with a serious question but my tablet is a pervert!

It is all those strange wifi places you use

Seriously, anyone got an answer for me?

Yes still amazon credits. Still works well. Takes 10 business days to process now from when you get their confirmation that they are on it.

I would guess that if any of the regulars here, who had expectations of receiving a gift card, had received a direct-purchase phone instead, it would have become a topic of conversation.

Not excatly. They send a personal remarks now. Then 10 business days or 15 to 16 days.

That's correct 1/2 a month

Cellnuvo said I would receive an amazon order number...maybe an order number for a gift card?

Yes. That's correct!

Beautiful woman gives beautiful answer!