Has anyone ever purchased anything in nvvs.com?

For example, in Amazon.com this phone is listed for over 300 dollars, but in nvvs.com it is under $50.


Is this a joke?

I saw this in Facebook.

no but buyer beware

A quick Google search reveals it's a scam.

I suspect it's a bad joke, for even Chinese vendor's prices don't come close to $50. You could try to find out more about this "online" company. But good luck with that.

This is all I could find on "nvvs", where the comments indicate that you will get something other than what you ordered., something that I and others recently experienced with a 3rd party vendor on the Walmart site.


I ordered some phones from Nvvs.com from a web page online still haven't got them

I'm curious what your experience will be. Please share...

I'm getting this one, which I think is pretty good for the price, suitable for swiping, ...and from a reputable seller:


That's a nice price for the A3 phone coming from Amazon Prime. My go to Chinese vendor has it for ten dollars more at $79, and it would definitely not get here in two days. Oh, just saw on Amazon, that phone won't be available to ship for a while, but still a great deal.

I love the specs and the price. Please keep us posted.

For $100 here's an Umidigi A3 Pro, which has better specs than the A3 as well as dual 4G VoLTE.

I, too, would love to hear more about your thoughts on this phone, ceka. Please let us know!

I'm expecting my phone on December 11 - will let you know if I like it or not, ...but I just hope my experience will be similar to this guy :):

The phone arrived sooner than expected, so here is my first, very superficial, opinion:

The good:

  • Unlike my older 2-SIM phones, this one lets me use Truphone SIM for voice in one slot (3G required after AT&T ditched 2G), and 4G for data (LTE Freedompop SIM) in the other, simultaneously.

  • It works for swiping :slight_smile:

The bad:

  • It's to heavy for my liking - I don't care for the metal frame and glass back (it feels like a tank). Plastic would've been OK with me if it made the phone thinner and lighter.

  • The fingerprint sensor is not as snappy as on my LG V30 - sometimes I need to touch it several times before unlocking the phone.

ceka, thank you for your early report! The weight comment was especially helpful for me-- I would actually pay a little more to have a plastic back (because I'm afraid of the combination of weight and glass), and a slightly smaller screen (because I like narrower phones.)
I'm glad it works with the 3G/4G split. It sounds like a very powerful tool, and a very good price, for someone interested in dual-SIM use like you tested.
.... I'm tempted.....

If it's not too much trouble, could you check and see if the Umidigi allows turning on the hotspot function on the FreedomPop SIM?

No problem KentE. Actually, thank you for reminding me about the hotspot issue with FreedomPop SIMs. I'm only using (very occasionally at that) the free SIMs, so, after recent cuts, having only 250MB/month doesn't encourage tethering :slight_smile: The good news is - drum roll please - my new Umidigi A3 did let me turn on the hotspot on the FreedomPop SIM, ...and successfully connect to it with another device!

I am surprised that you actually got a phone. I thought they would send you a few rocks instead.

ceka didn't buy from nnvs, though. Amazon seems to present less risk of receiving rocks, unless rocks were ordered.

I bought a 4G 6GB ram and 128GB smartphone 2018-11-17,
received my package 2018-12-08, but it was not a phone but a cheap Bluetooth headset.
made a complaint by email to a hotmail account, and when i got no reaction, i resent it to support@nvvs.com.
another 4 days later I received an answer:

We are so sorry for that you got the wrong items
To solve the problem better.
Here are 2 ways to solve it,you can choose one of them
1.We refund 65% to you and you keep the items and do not return it.
2.Or we re-send to you and you can keep the items as compensation?
Thank you and have a good time.

I replayed and choose option 2...... today, so now I wait......

I let you know what wil happen... :wink:

I don't know if you paid them with a CC , Paypal, or what, but I would suggest doing a charge back or open an inquiry with other payment methods immediately, for I believe this company and others doing the same thing are bad news. How they get away from the authorities is a good question.

Edit: also check out this DSL thread, especially the last five pages, for info on a similar bait and switch swindle, though not nearly as expensive as yours might be. Good luck.

They're trying to run out the clock on you being able to make a claim.