Has anyone contacted CellNuvo about expanding to other plans (Tello)

I know Hungry Hog brought this up some time ago, I don't know if CN is flexible enough to allow Tello purchases.

Tello has just announced lower cost more flexible plans - Build Your Own Plan | Mix Minutes & Data | Free Text in Any Plan

Has anybody contacted them recently about expanding the app's store items to include other providers?

Christina at Tello recently mentioned that cellnuvo was discussed by management and they decided to pass. I think this was before the new bill payment system was introduced but I don't think Tello are interested in revisiting the decision anytime soon. They would need to develop a 3rd party payment system that may not be viable due to the cost. Many of us have been pushing for Tello but it seems like a dead end.

I have brought up a few other providers that could be added but didn't hear back about them. MetroPCS should be easy to add as they have an online payment area. Since they offer free phones from time to time this may be an attractive way to get phones and service. Teltik also allow 3rd party payment by telephone I believe. The America Movil group allow third party payments but I can see that one being an issue due to the myriad of options available. It would be complicated for say Tracfone but I think something like Total Wireless might be something that could work.

The problem with adding other providers is finding one that allows 3rd party payments. MVNOs like Tello simply do not have this option available. There are very few at all that allow 3rd party payments and so there is little incentive for anyone to include that feature. Most require payment to be made by the account holder when logged into the account.

Thanks for the clarity on the underlying issue - a necessity for a 3rd party payment system. Your post covered several aspects of the situation and was helpful on many levels.

I wonder how difficult it would be for cellnuvo to have an account with someone like callingmart that provides top up PINS for various plans and providers. We pay cellnuvo gold and they manually buy the specified top up card. The PIN is then emailed to us. It would open up a lot more providers.

I would sure be up for that. I asked about Tello because I know it works well in the areas I travel through. If I could get a card to pay them, I would put a few of my kid's line on them as Tello has unlimited texting with minimal minute plans that would work well for them.

Unfortunately Tello doesn't even do PIN refills. Chances of paying for Tello with gold are next to none.


Now I understand better. I missed the point about PIN refills. Thanks again.

How's Red Pocket is working fine with CN? Red pocket built 3rd party payment system exclusively for CN?

Redpocket do have a guest checkout available so 3rd parties can top up any rp account with just the phone number. CN could be using that.

There could be a special arrangement instead as RP and CN were in some kind of partnership for a few months.

Only cellnuvo could tell you for sure