Has anyone been able to ADD min, text, or data to your plan?

If you run out of min, text, or data, how can you add more? Would you contact RP and say 'I'm a cellnuvo customer and need more min? Or would you contact CN and request the same thing? All my min and text expire in a few days and I have no idea how to get more.

After my $5 credit was exhausted my phone was kicked out of redpocket. My phone could not be validated for calling and my number is incorrect when called. I am not sure if i will lose my once restored original cellnuvo phone number.

So, how does your phone react when call and called?

That's a good question (one that I'm sure many of us haven't thought about yet). I sent Tom and Support an e-mail regarding this last night (hope you don't mind my changing your wording)-"If I run out of min, text, or data, how can I add more? Do I contact RedPocket and tell them I'm a cellnuvo customer and need more minutes or do I contact you or CellNUVO Support to do this? If my minutes and data expire soon, I have no idea how to get more. Thank you.
I received the following response later that evening-"Contact us directly. We will take care of things."
CellNUVO Support
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Just got an email from Tom Mannix. I asked when we will be able to buy min/text/data with gold. He responded and said "Should be early next week".

Well let's hope that's true!

Shades of the last announcement that was due just after the holiday (Labor Day).

No, there was no announcement.

Note the use of the word "Should".

CellNUVO is obviously a shoestring operation. I doubt Tom works on it even part time.

Y'all need to get to swiping for single silvers. Your family, friends, employees, co-workers too.

If you can make CellNUVO a few thousand $ more a year, maybe they can provide better service. But I actually doubt they would.

One good thing about it, for over the last month we've had absolutely free phone service. Points still going up (over 20k earned in last month) while using my Chicago #. No use of points for service. I guess we'll see what happens when the months allotment from red pocket expires.