Happy Holidays Cellnuvo style

Happy Holidays and Happy New year to everyone.

Are you planning to swipe during the holidays?

During holiday dinner?

If I have access to Internet yes



If I tried to swipe during dinner, someone would take my phone away and put it in a drawer for the duration.

I'll swipe a little sometime, though. Can't hurt to wish for a little Christmas present for myself-- my chances of winning will go up if Diedrich_Duo takes a Christmas break.

Since you stated your case so eloquently, I'll take a break from swiping, just for you, all Christmas day long. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you and Happy Holidays to everyone here on Nth Circle!

Happy Holidays Lexus and everyone!

During holidays are good time to swipes! Gold/Silvers are all-time high especially during first 20 swipes. I'd say swipe NOW during holidays when the swiping is good than waiting after holidays and complain about not having enough ads to swipe when ads are not abundant.