Happy Belated Birthday Nth Circle!

Nth Circle Forum is just over four years old!
A huge shout out to hungryghost!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Generous to give us space after ringplus went bankrupt

Thank you !!

I wasnt here for its inception, but it was a nice transition from RingPlus

Thanks for noticing this, als!
I'll add my thanks to hungryghost for this forum and the many friends here!

Long live the nth circle. I'm very grateful for all the help and knowledge I've received from the people here.

Happy B-day and thanks!

Long time lurker from the R+ days who only signed on a few years ago.

Happy Birthday and thank you!...I also came here after R+

Thank you!

How many active members do we currently have?

My best guess is roughly 1280 registered members, minus the number that have asked to have accounts removed or have been permanently banned. A lot are obviously not 'active', though. And there are certainly a bunch of folks who check in on the forum, but haven't ever registered.

So far, Nth has been more durable than R+.


How can I view the history of messages I've posted in the forum?

Click your icon top right
Go-to preferences then click the tab that says profile and it's in there