Happy April Fools' Day!

Greetings, fellow Nth Circlers! Thought it might be fun to share one of my all-time favorite April Fools' Day articles, published five years ago in the local newspaper of the high-end tourist destination Sedona, AZ. Apparently many of the locals didn't realize it was a hoax in spite of the names of many of the "sources" quoted (and the disclaimer at the bottom of the story), which made for a very long week for the mayor.


Does anyone have any other favorites from past years in honor of this unofficial holiday-from-the-serious? Please feel free to add to this thread.

Thanks very much and -- no fooling -- have a great day!

My favorite April Fool's video!

Guess no one was in the mood for joking around!

Indeed. It seems that humor on Nth Circle might have been a COVID casualty; hopefully it can return again someday soon.

No real fooling & no 'voltswagens' either - but try this on for size:

Reminds me of SNL Celebrity Jeopardy's Sean Connery picking a category!

At 4:20:

Or 2:10 and 6:05: