H2O Sim Deal? Do tell

As the title states...

3rd party sellers on Walmart / EBay. This one is expired but they come back now and again.


Very nice, so $4 for 1st month w/SIM. But then $30/mo for 1GB is very pricey... I guess it'd be fair to get it and use for 2 mo then port out.

Trick is to google voice your number and just keep switching sims when they run out. No need to keep porting out.

I think the sims are $5.25 online at walmart too.


I can get by with free data from Freedompop so am leaning towards TruPhone or Tello PayGo or both. Maybe if I get my phone unlocked or go GSM, H2O would be a great option (I also use GV).

How are you finding Truphone pricing to be competitive with either Tello or H2O?

Tru's competitiveness depends entirely on how/when you use it. So it's entirely YMMV

Since 95% of my calls/texts are incoming and I've never really used a lot of data (Most places I goto have wifi), it ends up costing me far less even though the outgoing rates are higher. Also, I travel to the UK for weeks at a time when I go, so the convenience of adding a UK number and still being able to use my US number with free incoming when I travel there pushed it to the top for me.

I'm one of very few people I've found around who uses it as a primary line.

I do have an Obi device at home that I use as my home phone, even then, I use that to call out. All my incoming calls come over my Tru device.