GSM Sims for TextNow

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Coming this spring apparently. [I assume tmobile because of the merger]

Thanks. Glad to see they are keeping the free plan. This is much more appealing to me than the sprint version.

same, it would also be more enticing to current/previous truphone customers (assuming att isnt exclusive to their area)

Hmm, I wonder what happens to existing Textnow users who have the free plan on a Sprint-only phone.

My guess is they'll allow them to fade away with the Sprint network.

Is the new GSM T-Mobile going to work cellular for talk n text or will this remain voip as it is now?

This is talking about their sprint service moving to tmobile. They have a free sprint plan that uses talk/text via the app over free cellular data.

Too bad the "sign up to get notified" form doesn't work.

Bumping because it is officially spring [SPRING DATES - Google Search]

my LG V20 DUAL-Sim is now a spare (because I upgraded to the Nokia 8.3 5G)

TextNow, please have me get rid of my simple sprint phone by upgrading to GSM!

Lets hope TextNow occasionally views this site

Just got prompted by the app to order mine. $4.99.

I have not received anything yet, but hopefully will soon

Is this going to replace the sprint sim with the same phone number?

Thanks a bunch

Yes it will

Anyone received the t mobile sim from Textnow yet?

If posting a yes response, can you please share how the process went and any kinks (e.g. they are tying the SIM to the IMEI like Metro) or differences from the Sprint service? I am a bit hesitant just yet, so looking for some folks on this forum to report before I place an order to keep that service as a backup. Thanks!

TLDR; You'll need to contact support to activate sim.

I received mine today and....

The directions say to activate your sim on the app but there is no option there (maybe because I already activated the sprint one awhile back???). Maybe would be easier on a new account but not doing that.

I tried following the instructions here, but that didn't help either.

Good news everyone!

Contacted support today, they were able to fix it. My assumption was right, they had to remove the sprint device from my account in order to allow me to use my new GSM T-Mobile sim instead.

I also believe this sim activation is not locked per the device. I was able to not only use it in my backup as intended, but my current phone as well without issue other than inputting the APN information which I will link again below.

So only minor inconvenience for current customers (and they are open for chat support daily). I would assume no problems for brand new customers going forward.

TextNow GSM APN Info:

P.S. I did receive an email saying my account was cancelled, when contacting support on the issue. If any of you receive this email when contacting support about this issue, PLEASE DISREGARD IT. My account is fine and still have the same number.

Thanks So I used a new account to activate it. It went fine. Only need to manually input APN.

Is the phone number listed in your phone settings the same as your tmobile textnow number? Or are they doing that weird forwarding thing like the sprint ones?