Great Tello customer service!

I set up a Tello PayGo line a while back. Saturday, I got 'hit' with 17 group messages from a nice family-- but unfortunately, not my family. (I imagine someone had this number before me, or it was a typo in the original group text.)

I'd read a suggestion somewhere that sms blocking might be available on Tello, but didn't see anything on their FAQ page about it. I sent an email to customer service to inquire.

In a little under 2 hours, I had an email back from Erick at Tello, telling me that unfortunately it wasn't possible to block #'s for texts through Tello.

I would have been pleased with a simple "sorry it's not possible".

I would have been very pleased if Erick had added the suggestion that perhaps my phone might have a feature to do that.

I was really tickled that Erick checked what phone I was using on the line (I didn't include that information), confirmed that the phone did offer a possible solution, and sent me a step-by-step, click-by-click walkthrough on how to blacklist #'s on my phone.

Thanks, Erick @ Tello!

I told you. They are nice.

Thanks for letting us know KentE. We are delighted to hear that and appreciate your taking the time to share your experience. :slight_smile:

Thank You Tello.
After being stumped at every turn trying to port a long held important to us phone number, because of no service available in my latest job posting, I turned to Tello as a last resort( even though I don't have sprint service here either.)
Tello initiated the port for me Sunday evening, notified me of a glitch by email immediately. I called and we resubmitted the corrected info.
When I woke up Monday morning my port was complete and my 1 1/2 year old existing Tello paygo account now shows the important phone number I have been preserving since 2008,
Thank you Tello, Freddy, Eric, Franco and Olivier for outstanding customer service!

They are very nice indeed. I wonder why can't att have some people like them?

Well, I made the switch to Tello. Activated a new Moto E4 with excellent and courteous assistance from their phone reps, who walked me through the entire process. Their customer service will be invaluable for this non-tech savvy client. Thank you, Tello!

They're quick and friendly. Tough to beat.

Agreed! (Come to think of it, as far as I can tell, they're a lot like you except they don't cook as well. :))

Every experience with them has been overall positive. I had some porting slowness at one point, but it was resolved over a weekend. From the cost of activation for a basic line to data plans with unlimited 2G, it's a great service. Just wish they would add T-Mobile or something else, even if a little higher cost. Tied to fully unlocked, supported or Sprint phones really sucks.