Gotta love (some) rebate companies

I generally have little problems when claiming rebates. However, it is annoying when you have to resend claims. Mail very rarely goes missing so isn't it odd that out of everything I've ever sent, it is only rebate companies that "haven't received" my mail?

One of the items I scored on Black Friday had a rebate which I mailed in the evening of Dec 6th at the post office. I also mailed an international letter at the same time. On Dec 15th the international letter was confirmed as received. As of today (Dec 17th), the rebate hasn't been received.

I'm sure they'll receive it soon. And when I use the word "soon", I do so presuming that the rebate processing company isn't a nuvoLLC venture.

That's funny--I just yesterday got an email from Newegg saying that they saw that I had applied for my rebate but had not yet received the other info that had to be mailed in. I had ordered a $6 usb extension cable which was to be free with the $6 mail in rebate. They wanted me to resend my info, and I said they lost my info.,and since I no longer have the package sku or whatever that was lost in the mail, what's the point? Will see what happens. Not worth the hassle for six bucks--I mean $6.50 if I include the stamp.

Mine is Newegg as well and I got the email as well.

I scanned my entire submission so would email it in rather than post it if the original sku is deemed lost.

The last time I contacted a rebate center, they said that would be fine.

It is possible that they have a black friday / cyber monday / etc etc rebate backlog. So I'm going to hold off a little bit.

I will add that I did once use my credit card company to get cashback / rebate that was unexpectedly denied.

There was a cashback site that was giving $30 for Boost and Virgin phone purchases. Virgin subsequently refused to honor the cashback so the site did not pay out either.

I claimed the $30 on my credit card and it went through. If necessary, I'll do the same here seeing it was a newegg rebate.

Thanks for the info. I think I paid with PayPal, so will see what's what with rebates on that. Newegg has been reliable in the past, and, as you say, maybe they are backlogged but will make it right.

Maybe you received this recent email, too. Evidently, a more than usual amount of mail went missing.

As of today, 12/18/2017, we haven't received your original submission.

We do receive an increased number of customers complaining about mails being lost in transit.

If you can send me a copy of the originals, I can upload it to the claim for processing.

Please let me know,

Thank you for choosing Newegg."

Paili Sun

No I have only received one email and that is the reminder email. I got it 15 days after I completed the online submission which made it 10 days after I mailed it in.

Did you enquire or did they send the above email to you out of the blue?

Either way, thanks for letting me know.

Not out of the blue. I had inquired about the quantity of lost mail.


While the issue had my attention, I decided I may as well just email them my scans.

I'm pretty confident we'll both get paid by the look and sound of things.