Got a spare Moto E6 from the old Visible offer?

Perhaps one that is in decent shape & just collecting dust these days ??
If so, I'd like to offer it a new home, somehow.


One of the best motos.

They do seem to "just work", performance punches a bit above what specs would suggest & seems widely accepted "white listed".

Swappable battery is useful for me, way more compact than having to pack a power bank.

Find myself using the chop for flashlight (not really unique to the model but works well here) more than I thought when I said "gimmick" to myself originally, wish I could change it to chop for red light screen though.

I think the only moto I liked better was the OG g even though the battery was not very easily swappable. Rubberized back/case, beat the pi$$ out of that phone, crusted w/salt, etc , etc. and couldn't kill it.

Not from a Visible deal, but I bought our Moto E6 from VIP Outlet: They still have them intermittently, currently $66.

That's the factory-unlocked version in "Grade A" condition. My guess is that their stock is open box and customer returns. The one I bought has worked flawlessly, and looked new, but I believe it came without charger and cable. VIP Outlet seems to have a good return policy, and most reports I've seen have been happy enough buying from them. Don't be tempted by cheaper listings for the Moto E6 from VIP without carefully consideration, since most are prepaid variants. The XT2005-5 should work on all networks, and is on AT&T's Feb 2022 whitelist.

I think the build quality of the E6 is a step below the G4 and E4 series, but it's not bad. (And those 2 are not all-carrier anymore....) My biggest gripe is that the back is very difficult to remove. (And I seem to need to get into it frequently, since it's my spare 'utility' phone that I know I can activate anywhere....)

Thanks for that pointer KentE !!
It'll be 2-3 months until we may be in any condition for that amount of a spend, but good to know about it as a source.

Happy Holidays !!