Google voicemail no longer works

Google voicemail no longer works on my freedompop phone
I went to google voice website and it says I need to sign up to do it
then it asks me what carrier and I put att
Then it gives me a phone number to call but it doesn't work

I also have a redpocket phone and it doesn't give me the option to use google
voicemail on that one at all

To understand your situation: are you using your carrier-supplied numbers as your outward-facing numbers, and only using GV as a redirect for voicemail?

Or, are you using GV as your outward-facing number?

Which carrier are you using on Red Pocket, and is this a new setup there?

I have 3 freedompop gsm sims with three different phone numbers
people call the google voice # and it rings my freedompop phone
Freedompop doesn't offer free voicemail so i have to use google voice for voicemail
But google voicemail no longer answers it,so my message goes to a freedompop voicemail that i can't access

I also just got a Repocket ATT sim
I linked it to my google voice number so it does ring when someone calls
But google voicemail does answer that either, so my redpocket voicemail has to answer it

Turn on call screening and problem solved: