google voice

After a year or so hiatus from google voice, I tried the service again on my new (to me, gently used tablet); and noticed a remarkable change.
There was no appreciable latency noticeable when calling from my tablet. Has anyone else had this experience?

Hi Als !!
I use GV a number of ways & the latency comes & goes...but for having zero landline expenses - a very happy thing indeed !!

Upon answering I just take an extra breath, then say hello - all good.

Hi back EZ !
Ditto, google voice is starting to prove to be a very happy thing for us indeed.
Now, if there existed a way to use a v-tech or equivalent handset with google voice, that would be outstanding.
The v-tech paired with straight talk home phone is the only phone that seems to work consistently for my hard of hearing family member......

Why can't you just have the straight talk home phone as a forwarding phone for your GV #, for the ST home phone is a cell phone? I did that with the ST home phone when I used it for a while.

Or you could also utilize an Obihai ATA device.

VERY easy to accomplish, actually as Isamorph pointed out above:

Being hearing impaired in several ways myself, my preferred (as in usable) ways to hear others via phone range from cellular via BT earbuds, to what had me ditching the landline for good most of a decade ago:
A paired set of really good cordless (landline) phones that have good, loud speakerphone functionality, connected to GV via an Obi box.

There are several ways to do it - but that way is the least challenging - just search for Obi200 & you may even be able to find a special on it for around $40.
That is what my much older box cost - so for the price of a single month's landline bill I was able to ditch the landline for good, no more LD charges, and great quality besides - what's NOT to like about that ?!?