Google Play, Cellnuvo fighting backk

As you all know. There or quite a few bad reviews on Google Play Store for cellnuvo. Although some seemed legitimate. Others were clearly posted by trolls who never used the service.

For quite a while cellnuvo never said anything. Letting there star rating go down. Now there is a person working for cell Nuvo. Called cellnuvo LLC. Who is now replying to all posts good or bad. Glad to see them not lying down and taking it.

And when somebody posted an honest review that was both good and bad. So nouveau thank them for the review and said they're going to work for that 5th Star.

Looks like the days of the trolls running buckshot over cellnuvo is over. Good to see

We all know the issues last year. We also know that 2018 is a much better year for cellnuvo. And we all hope it gets better and better

Future looks much brighter for CN!
Can’t wait for the new app!