Google Messages & RCS Chat

"Google is rolling out RCS/Chat in Messages for all US users regardless of carrier"

This is touted as an improvement, and I hope it is.

Hi Isamorph !!

Reading the Arstechnica writeup makes it seem kind of silly from the POV of a phone user...too many hoops to jump through for really no (or not much...) gain ??

Then of course there's the whole 'trust google' question - which always brings to mind the google toilet video for me.

Given the resistance from the major carriers toward Google's desire to control the messaging universe, I suspect the "new" Google RCS/messages app will likely find a place in the rather large Google Cemetary. Even the big fellas can't win em all. I was fond of Hangouts.

I think the major carriers want to replace SMS, too-- but with a product that's under their control.

As with many such improvements, I suspect the improvements may be primarily marketing, to make us feel like we're benefiting from replacing or losing a cheap, universal, and reliable pre-existing protocol or product..