Google Fi SIM at Best Buy

Sure beats waiting around for a FedEx package with incomplete address... :slight_smile:

Google Fi is becoming more interesting. If there is no credit check or waiting period for international roaming, this makes it easier/faster to set up a line before an overseas trip.

Yep, that's assuming you don't want to get a local SIM. One user on Sprint used 10gb over a month just on Sprint '2G' speed of 64kbps! Imagine with T-Mobile's 128kbps or is it 256kpbs... Now imagine with Google Fi's full speed LTE.

Remember, apps know your bandwidth... when it detects high speed availability, it takes full advantage of it...

Our 'local' bestbuy is an hour's drive away & a great way to get a headache as well, so:
Free SIM + shipping delays would be fine for me instead.

The $20/month is higher than what our existing providers charge - unless this single offering could cover enough networks that it would make the need for 2 phones go away.
(Having both CDMA & GSM can get a bit confusing...)

Their site says only this about networks:

But not which exact networks it includes coverage from; wikipedia says this:

They also specify this:

That last bit may be a stumbling block as well because the only device I've got with version 7 may or may not be OK for this even if the coverage is workable enough.

The '3' network is not useful to us in rural US - and there is zero Sprint & T-Mobile here.
US Cellular does have some spotty coverage here - but none of these are as good as AT&T, sadly.

I might be inclined to get a free SIM just to check this out & wonder if there is a grace period for trying it out - that is what I'll check for next...

OK, looked at their various things FAQ, help center, etc. - and no reassurance found.
Paying $20 to try their service & SIM with BYOD would be a terrific way for the all-powerful big G to get my $20 for some uselessness & time wasted vs. buying even their cheapest phone to test this with a 15 day return window - which seems too risky if that window is missed due to shipping delays, etc.

Adding all the above to a general discomfort for any more connections with the company that no longer says "don't be evil" tells me it is better to just watch this phenomena & see if it becomes more attractive, somehow at a later date.

I read that BYOP devices only use the T-Mobile network.

Thanks Chelle.
Looking at the details for the Stylo 3 it seems to indicate compatibility.
Their coverage map also indicates 3G for most of the areas I find myself in, but nothing yet has convinced me that it is worth taking a chance on.

In this day and age I just can't bring myself to pay $10/GB.

This Google Fi is specifically designed for world travelers. Also it is great for data sharing. I am paying $55 flat per month in a Google Fi group for my phone and 3 data only SIMs which power an iPad and 2 spare phones for my travel companions, sharing 15GB LTE data overseas or in U.S. on T-Mobile network. Those spare phones can use Hangouts app to talk and text just like normal phones. $55 to keep 4 devices alive with unlimited talk and text and sharing 15GB data is a bargain.

I looked up the pricing and it seemed different from what you're paying.

It seems like it should be $20 for the first line, $0 for the data only lines, and then $60 for 6-or-more GB of data. How are you getting 15 GB for a $35 adder on top of your $20 base charge?

I am guessing @Zubrin has one "slot" in a Fi group, which covers his/her phone + 3 data SIMs. The cost for this "slot" works out to $55/month? I can't get the math to work out, but maybe the group owner (if not @Zubrin) is billing a fixed amount @ $55/month. FYI, bill protection data levels vary depending on how many group members.

Fi: Group plan

Fi: Group Repay

Fi: Find your Bill Protection data level

st3fx is correct. With Google bill protection, there is a ceiling of how much you pay. You can have up to 6 members in a group plan to reduce monthly fees and each member has 15GB LTE data then unlimited 256kbps still usable data.