Good Hotspot for data only Freedompop LTE SIM

Speaking of this sim:

This runs as far as I can tell on the AT&T and potentially TMobile networks. I really need a hotspot, not a phone, not tethering. Just a hotspot to put this SIM into. Please only respond with hotspots.

I do not keep up with the latest hotspot tech, I know I hate the MiFi2 that FP sells (which I think is Sprint anyway).

So.... Is there a reasonably priced Hotspot I might be able to get that is GSM unlocked that I can use this SIM in? Anyone have one perhaps? I for sure do not want to spend $100+ like the hotspots I keep finding cost.

The SIM you're linking to appears to be the LTE SIM, on the data-only plan. It will run on the AT&T network. The Global SIM (3G, HSPA) runs on AT&T and T-Mobile networks, through an international roaming agreement from a UK provider..

Although I'm not an authority, I've been told that AT&T does not "lock" their hotspots to only being used on AT&T proper-- they will work with AT&T MVNO's-- including FreedomPop. This isn't the same as technically being "unlocked", so I think they might not run on T-Mobile unless they are unlocked.
I bought a used AT&T Unite (used) that works fine with my FP LTE (AT&T) SIM. I have seen sellers listing ones as "unlocked". There are several different hotspots in the Unite series (Unite, Unite Express, and ??). All seem to have potential quirks with batteries and failures that may be battery related, or firmware related. It doesn't seem to be a pervasive problem, though. If you buy a used one, buy from a seller with a good return policy.

The differences between the standard LTE SIM (including VoIP minutes), and the Data-Only SIM seem to be mysterious. For certain, the Data-Only SIM does not include VoIP minutes. In my limited limited experience, either will work in a hotspot. The data add-on prices are, I believe, cheaper for the Data-Only SIM, so that might be important if you plan on needing more data than the base free plan..

I'm only mentioning the following because you mentioned T-Mobile, and there is that Global SIM from FreedomPop that works on AT&T and T-Mobile-- I don't know whether you would succeed in getting a stand-alone Global SIM to work in a hotspot. I failed to get an answer to this when I researched it, and my tests with the data-only version of the Global SIM were discouraging when trying to use in a hotspot-capable phone-- I didn't have a dedicated hotspot to test with at the time.

Kent gave you good information.

The Global SIMs work in the MiFi2, whether they're data only or data/VOIP. They should also work in any unlocked GSM hotspot that's not LTE-only.

The LTE SIMs will work in unlocked hotspots and in hotspots that are locked to the AT&T network. I purchased the same used Unite hotspot that Kent did. In fact I bought two. One is perfect and the other has the dreaded "no battery" issue, no matter what battery you put in it. I didn't bother to send it back because it was only $15.

If I were you I would go to Best Buy and purchase whatever AT&T Go hotspot that they're selling these days (I don't know what the latest model is). They're typically around $49. (Assuming that you have the LTE SIM.)

If you have the Global SIM then I'd look for an unlocked GSM hotspot online that's not LTE-only.

Some things to consider:

Hotspots are compact and convenient and the batteries usually last for ten hours or so. Unfortunately, I've never seen one that allowed you to set a data cutoff-- so you really need to pay attention if you don't want to go over.

Also, most current hotspots are LTE-only, so if you're in a 3g-only area you'll be out of luck.

If you use a phone as a hotspot the battery will likely run down quicker but at least you can set it to cut off before going into overage. And it'll work on 3g.

The best "hotspot" I own is actually a tablet. It's an Asus Memo Pad 7 LTE AT&T GoPhone tablet. Because it runs on Android 4.4 you can use PdaNET+ to enable hotspot mode. And because it has a huge battery it will last 10-12 hours, on a charge, as a hotspot.

You can set a data limit like you can with a phone.

And it's a pretty good tablet, too.

I know I broke the hotspot only rule, but that's my best hotspot.

An update to my earlier comment: there may now be an important difference between a data-only SIM and the standard SIM. According to this article
FreedomPop seems to be starting a policy that requires an outbound call via the Freedompop VoIP app every 60 days. On first blush, this seems to indicate a good reason to buy the data-only version, which does not have included voice minutes. .

Chelle, the Best Buy Unites are $49, IF you buy a 2 year plan. Which I don't want to do. I presume I have to go resale then? They do have a $59 no contract velocity.

You could purchase a used AT&T hotspot on eBay. It doesn't matter if it's locked or unlocked.

Ok, despite what Freedompop says I guess, just can't find any there anywhere close to your price!

Would this one work?

That should work.