"Going, Going, Gone...."

Banksy just scored another goal. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then my mind's eye is beholden to Banksy's Art for its beauty and the many smiles it has brought my way. I agree with the social media commenters who think the shredding of "The Girl with the Balloon" will increase its value, but I believe it will be worth far more if left as it is rather than being patched back together as some commenters have suggested.

"But after the head-turning display, commenters on social media surmised that the shredded Girl With Balloon will soar in value, once the shredded pieces are patched back together."


That is so very funny !!!
Isamorph you find the most amazing things to share here.

I cannot feel badly for the buyer a'tall - with that much $$$$$$$ to spend on a painting, they can also very easily pay someone to glue it back to a semblance of wholeness (if they wish to).

I don't feel bad for the buyer either, given that some now estimate the value of their painting, in its current condition, at maybe 5 to 7 million $$.

In 2015 Banksy built a bemusement park, "Dismaland", that closed down after 36 days. For whatever reasons, attendance must have been poor.

Too funny !!!
I've always thought such a monicker would correctly describe the popular tourist traps of similar names that are still (apparently ??) thriving.

Of course the 'dismal' tag also fits much else - but such is very much a matter of personal opinion so I'll stop here.

The shredded "The Girl with the Balloon" has been given a new name, "Love is in the Bin", after the purchaser agreed to keep it as is, which may indicate the purchaser believes it's worth the price paid and may also believe its recently estimated value of 5 to 7 million may be true.

Now that Banksy has stated his shredding of "The Girl with the Balloon" was an imperfect attempt("Love is in the Bin" didn't quite make it to the bin ), the value of the half shredded painting will likely double in value. What else can go wrong to increase the paintings value?