Global SIM now pushed to Edge data only?

Anyone else experiencing this?

Confirmed, same issue with a friend's Global SIM... Edge only.

How to tell if Edge signal only?

Signal bar area shows an 'E'

Have you checked to see if T-Mo has shut down 3G in your area?

I see E sometimes, but most of the time, I see H+.

Can't be... observed in 2 diff cities. No T-Mo phone to check 3G.

I just checked a Global SIM-- this one is still seeing H+ (indicated as 4G, on a BLU phone). Speedtest shows 5.8mbps down, 2 up.

Weird, will run more tests outside tomorrow.

You jinxed it for me. Now, I'm seeing E. In Kansas City metro area, on the Kansas side.

FP shutting down the Global SIMs? We've had the upgrade to LTE for $6.99 shipping message for some time now...

So, quick update, from time to time, depending on location in the KC metro area, the signal indicator shows H+, E, or 3G.

So this sounds like T-Mobile may be tweaking some of its towers, causing the change in service, and not a FP-T-Mo agreement change?

Or possibly a tower prioritization scheme at play, with FP users near or at the very bottom.

I'm getting H+.

The most recent T-Mo 3G shutdown locations I can find is here:

With some older locations mentioned here:

Just to be thorough--does your phone allow you to scan and select for provider networks? One of my phones would fail to get data when the Global SIMs stopped utilizing AT&T, because it would still see and lock on to the AT&T tower in some locations, but not transfer data. (Oh, probably not the case here, if your phone is indicating Edge......)

Thanks for the link... that explains it. Guess I will be putting one of my FP LTE SIM in my FP GSM Mifi for some AT&T 3G service then...

Don't forget you'll need to go into the router settings, and set it for 3G only-- I think the Global Mifi wants to think it can connect to LTE, but can't do so reliably.

Thanks for the tip, done. Now I have 2 AT&T based Mifi....

I'm in the DC area. All of my Global SIMs are still working as of now and while I've been getting the emails suggesting that I upgrade, I just received an email today (on my Data-only Global SIM) that they will shut it off on January 3, 2018.

I have not received the same email yet for my other 10+ Call/Data Global SIMs (only for the 1 Data-only SIM I have).

Anyone else?

I already have 3 LTE SIMs, so will probably just let this one account die.

Mine continue to work with 3G+ as well. I haven't received the discontinuation email you've referred to on any of my Global accounts (data only, or data+voice), but I'm sure I will.
I'll probably upgrade one or 2 of my Global accounts. The others have been effectively replaced by LTE SIMs already, and I just hung on to the Globals because of the extra features and options. (global, and T-Mo coverage.)