Global SIM "free" upgrade to LTE SIM

This 3-in-1 SIM works with any unlocked Tablet or Hotspot compatible with GSM networks. Plug this SIM in, and get Data at blazing-fast LTE speeds.


Then you see $6.99 for shipping. haha

Just got an email... mandatory upgrade from Global to LTE SIM. Looks like Global SIM getting phased out Jan 3rd!

Hey @PEW,

I wrote on another thread. I got the email but only for my Data-only Global SIM.

I have 10+ Call/Data SIMs that have yet to receive this email. Was yours also Data-only?

Yep, I just canceled my Global Voice SIMs since they showed the 1 cent maintenance check charges.
Few hr later, I get email regarding the Global data SIMs, so now I'm canceling all Global SIMs.
Cleaning house.


The LTE SIMs are better for US (and I have a bunch too), but I actually used the Global ones for international travel...oh well, it was great while it lasted...

I am sure if you get the EU/UK version, those will still be good... unless FP is leaving EU/UK.

Strange-- I just checked my email accounts, and didn't receive this notice for either Global Data or Global Voice SIMs. Just the invitation to upgrade that we've been getting for a while.
I imagine I'm just not on the leading edge.
The LTE SIM has more reliable coverage for me, but the speed between that and the Global are about the same for me. I like having the global as an alternative, even for local use.

Since I'm still on the 'beggars' side of the beggars/choosers equation, I can't complain too much-- and no one is likely to care very much if I do.

Anyone noticed anything different about the Global SIM today? It's Jan 3rd.

I won't have a chance to check mine until this weekend, most likely. I didn't get the discontinuation notice.

I did have a chance to try my FP SIMs in a small-town area over last weekend. The Global SIM, which worked lovely there when AT&T was available, now got only T-Mo Edge-- it still loaded the main CNN page, but pictures took close to forever. The LTE SIM was dandy.
Upon return to the city on Jan 1, the Global SIM had no problem connecting to T-Mo 3G.

I only received the email on one account (a Data-only Global GSM SIM) and did the upgrade. Free SIM with 99 cent shipping. It arrived and got it activated fine via the link in the account. They treat it like a device swap (SIM swap), not a new account so all other account info stayed the same. No need to pay to disable Top-Up or deactivate trials because the account is already set up.

The 1 cent LTE SIM deal currently is still good, but then you'd be charged to turn off Auto Top-Up and Free Trials.

I have ~10 other Global SIMs that did not receive the email and of the 4 I've tested, all are still working. I'll continue to hold out until forced to upgrade or cancel a few of them. I do some international travel so would love to keep a few active if they'll continue to work in Europe.

Thanks for the thorough report on the upgrade, woo_24 ! I had wondered, but not seen any reports, about the transfer of account settings along with the SIM. Nice to know that route doesn't require additional downgrade and auto-topup fees if already in place.
Did you do the SIM swap via the page FreedomPop has set up to do it?

Strange that only one of your SIMs got the discontinuation notice. Other reports I've seen seemed to indicate it was an all-or-none situation.

Yes, using the page FP set up. At the top of your account page online, there is the link for "Click here to upgrade".

When you click that, you get another page with two buttons, one to order the upgrade SIM, one to activate. You use that to order the upgrade SIM, and then to activate it when it arrives. If you click the link in your email, it'll take you there as well. Free SIM, 99 cent shipping.

If I click the same link on another account that I had NOT received an email for, the shipping shows $6.99. That's why I'm sitting tight on all the rest until I get the email for them. It'd be nice if shipping were just 99 cent (or free) for all of them.

There are some reports that only those SIMs that received an email are ending (or ended) 1/3/2018. The rest may be coming in a rolling fashion, but so far for me, those that did not receive an email are fine.

Yeah, I've seen the thought that it's a phased roll-out, based on some unknown criteria (maybe age or SIM? or as simple as alphabetical by account name, or ????)
I have leaned towards the thought that it is based on T-Mobile's phasing out of 3G, which would likely indicate that those who are in service areas already phased out, or scheduled to transition, would be the first to get notices. (My area is not on T-Mobile's schedule for phasing out 3G yet.)

But your experience with only 1 discontinuation notice doesn't help my theory.........:frowning:

It could help your theory, if e.g., the service area is determined simply by area code, & woo_24's Global SIMs have different area codes.

KentE: I have out-of-state area code (Iowa) for my Global SIM, & live only about 10 or 15 miles south of you, but I haven't received the email, & I still get 3G or H+ on the signal indicator.

I'm in the DC Metro Area (northern Virginia) and have 3 different area codes for my Global SIMs (202 - DC, 571/703 - VA). We still have good 3G w/ TMo here. Those are all working and no email received about mandatory shutdown.

The one I got the email for was a Data-Only Global SIM, so no number assigned. It was the first FP GSM SIM I ever bought... The others I started collecting a few months later with the 1 cent deals.

Here's my experience with the FP Global sim - I got a "will be deactivated on Jan 3" email. Also got a "upgrade to LTE" email. Then got a "last chance to upgrade to LTE" email on Jan 2, I believe.

I just sat tight and didn't upgrade, because I didn't want the hassle of downgrading to a free plan with the new LTE sim.

Checked today, and it is still working. (BTW, this is a voice+data global sim, but I lost the number due to low use or something. So maybe FP thinks of it as a data-only sim). Anyhow, it's still working. Strange are the ways of Freedompop! Maybe with more of us reporting our experiences, we will be able to decipher what is happening!

Wow, you working with NSA or something? :0

Checked my Global sim today. It is dead. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Did that account get notification of ending Jan 3?