Give the option to retire accounts

Hey friends,

Sorry that I am not on here much anymore. I just wanted to give my two cents [variable cellnuvo [strike]silver[/strike] points] on future cellnuvo options. I think it would be real nice if users had the option of retiring their accounts and allowing their [strike]gold[/strike] points to go to another user(s).


PS: I only have 12 gold so thats why im pretty indifferent.

One way might be to do a point swap, then spend & send to get Amazon GC using the other party Amazon email, or e-check emailed to you in their name (if they are willing to give it to you). I thought of doing this for Hungryghost but I don't think Hungryghost wants their real name given out.

That's a really good idea. It got me thinking about something else that might work. What if the gift giver provided their Cellnuvo email address to the recipient. They could then install the app on their device with the giver's email and proceed with the cashing out. Of course, the activation code would have to be sent to recipient. Do you think that might be a viable option?

That would probably work as long as you are ready to relinquish all rights to the CN and email accounts as they would need login passwords and could close you out of the accounts. You may be able to get around them having passwords to the accounts by just giving them the activation code that CN would send to your email once they try to activate CN on their phone, but that would require coordination between the two of you.

I think the easiest option is to get the amazon gift code and pm that. No need to share private details.

That would be the best way if you use Amazon. I have used Amazon less and less each year, and have yet to make a purchase on Amazon this year.

True. As OP spoke of "retiring" an account, I guess I was only thinking about those instances where the receiver merely wanted to cash out the proceeds of the gift. No personal info would need to be exposed under those circumstances.