Ghost in the machine (refrigerator)

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If you had a similar issue. Please let me know

Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator. With door ice maker.

  1. I usually turn off the ice maker for the December month.

This time it would not turn back on properly. It made a quarter of the way of ice and stopped.

Try to reset the refrigerator by unplugging it for 20 minutes. This is what I read. Tried this 5 separate times

I put my hand to see if there was any ice blocking the machine

I also read to try hair dryer with some warm air to unfreeze any parts that might be frozen welded together.

Nothing worked. With covid19 no service man could come in with my elderly parents.

2). 6+ months later All of a sudden this week and started making ice. It fills all the way to the top and when I take some out it still works and makes more ice.

How did the machine fix itself?

Was there a part that was Frozen with ice and could not move and the freezer shrinks ice over time. So now it works.

Could that be it?

Not kicking a gift horse in the mouth, but I am curious how this happened.

Yes there was a part frozen with ice that eventually thawed out.

I have an almost 5 figure GE Monogram that wouldn't dispense cold water (ice was ok) and had other problems. Had engineers come out twice and whatever work they did didn't fix anything.

I figured out what was wrong and fixed it myself (door between freezer and fridge section was stuck thanks to ice).

Sorry to say but a lot of American engineering is very poor and most repair people / so called engineers suck. (But there is also "user error").

If part was Frozen. How come a hair dryer blowing warm air in the ice compartment for 10 minutes did nothing. Tried this on two separate occasions

The reason I thought the part that was frozen shrunk was because the little ice that was made at the time 1/4 of tub shrunk to nothing.

The frozen up part could be anything anywhere eg a tube. In my case, the ice worked but the water didn't. Odd that the water was getting to the ice but not to the dispenser.

Many freezer / fridge issues can be resolved by thawing out the machine completely and can be avoided by not over filling / letting items touch sides especially the back.

Washing machines and dryers can last a long time if not over filled too.

Water dispenser was working fine.

Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled that it fixed itself saved hundreds of dollars.

I guess the question mark for me is that the first time I use the hair dryer it made 1/4 of a tub filled.

I forgot to mention that I change the water filter quite frequently.

So the problem I narrowed down to the ice maker itself.

It only broke when I had it off for a couple of months. Now of course I will never turn it off and I will always take out some ice cube's every week or so. So it keeps moving.

But it's working normal as if nothing happened

Is filling a freezer full OK? What do you think about filling it with water bottles that are almost full with water?

I thought it sounded good! No?

These are good questions!

The reason to be careful about packing the freezer and fridge is that air has to circulate to maintain temperatures correctly. In a side to side, air circulates between the freezer and the fridge so blockages can cause an inability to reach target temperatures in one or the other.

Another problem might be making it harder to find things which means the door is open longer.

But I do agree that filling with water bottles would maintain a more even temperature and be useful in case of a power outage.

Someone else was wondering whether the claim that it's more efficient was true and it probably isn't but it probably makes little difference:

Still working. Really surprised ,but happy.

Never turning it off again!!! It has an invisible eye. That stops when full. Each week I will take out a few cubes. Just enough for the ice maker to make one set of cubes.

My theory is to keep the machine moving. So it s
Does not have months to freeze and not move again.

I was hoping more people here had same issue