Getting away from cellnuvo

Some might get away just fine, others may not. I need to get away from reviews.
"The rep was courteous and helpful. The billing process is however confusing. I have yet to see the final bill and its breakdown. I do see on my bank statement various withdrawals which I don't know what they represent. I am waiting to see how they will eventually add up to the total amount charged."

Cheap is good .......... if it's Tello!

Do tell. I flew to France last year on Norwegian Air and Tello operates in similar fashion via phone service: inexpensive, simple, and transparent.

Hah! I tried Norwegian Air for the first time too this year. Will use them again. 787 Dreamliner as well.

Wonderful---just don't sit in front of me, or behind me.

So that leaves next to you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are reserved of course. I snore and drool anyways.