Get a Moto G6 and try out Ting

Not bad, $200 gets you the phone plus $25 B&H gift card and $30 Ting credit.

FYI, the credit will apply to your Ting account within 24 hours. Lots of people have been activating offers like this and are concerned when it doesn't show up instantly. When I go to tackle some of the support queue, lots of times I'll find one of these, investigate and find the credit has applied itself between them sending an email and me intercepting it.

Lots of tempting offers on the G6 right now-- but if one shops at B&H semi-regularly, this is a great deal that also offers the chance to try Ting/T-Mo.
I signed up for a Ting/T-Mo line a while back largely to see how T-Mobile coverage would work for me. Unfortunately, it did not pan out the way I hoped. As T-Mobile brings out their 600 band (and when I get a phone that will support it), I'll probably give it another try.