"Gen Mobile" another Sprint MVNO

I think it will be difficult for Gen Mobile to compete with Tello and Unreal Mobile, but its $10 per month for 300 min.+unlimited texts+1GB 4G LTE data with $ 5 to add on 500 min. isn't all that bad. But, unlike Unreal, taxes not included. At the moment, Unreal's $10 unlimited T&T+1GB 4G LTE + unlimited 2g speeds thereafter is unbeatable, save for the one year free BYOD Sprint plan. Oh, and the really bad part is the Gen Mobile $25 activation fee. We'll see how that goes.

Sprint 1 yr free extended to end of Nov...

$5 unlimited SMS might work for some. More reliable than SMS via data.

A shame that there is about zero Sprint anyplace around here - and these folks don't have the VZ goodie that comes with Twigby, so yes, it's a good enough deal -if- one is in the right area.
Aside of that, as Isamorph pointed out - their activation fee of $25.00, and a $10 SIM for the talk/SMS only plan with a total of $35.00 just to get started is a bit of a turn off IMO.
If I could grab services that fall back to 2G via VZ for unlimited talk & SMS for $10/month without added goofy fees, that would be absolutely unbeatable !!