Future of Sprint?


Yikes! What do you think? Will Sprint just fold?

I really like Sprint, so I hope it sticks around in some form or fashion.

It would stink if millions of devices were suddenly made obsolete.

Sprint has far too many assets to "fold."

Sprint is expected to report its quarterly earnings during the first week of May. The stock at $8.5 is off its 52-week high but still very strong over the past 12 months.

A new report paints a rather rosy picture.

[b]Sprint’s image among consumers is at an all-time high, according to a new report from Cowen and Company, while Verizon’s brand is slipping.

Cowen’s quarterly wireless survey of more than 1,000 respondents found that 31.8% of those polled said Sprint’s brand is improving, and 38.5% of Sprint customers said it is on the rise. Only 7% of Sprint customers said the brand is worsening, marking the lowest such figure in the history of Cowen’s survey.


Verizon is to report tomorrow and expectations are there will be a net loss of postpaid subscribers. The stock at $49.2 is almost $8 off its 52-week high and the move on the earnings is predicted to be $1.14 either way.

T-Mobile remains the star of the show with its stock still hovering near 52-week highs at $64.6

What do we get for putting these box In our house?

Hopefully, these will improve service. Best of all they're plug-n-play. No broadband needed.

Brain cancer I am quite sure. When was the last time you saw a cell tower in a residential area? When I buy a house I would stay away from powerlines, power substations and cell tower. The magic box claims to have 30,000 sqft coverage indoor. If the technology is mature, every new router will use it.

I don't see these as increasing the cell signal for voice?

When I am at home an increase in data speeds is irrelevant since I am on wifi, so this really only benefits Sprint in widening their data foot print.

Why should anyone help build out their network when it includes no incentives for the customer? Like the cell towers they use, for a monthly fee Sprint can lease my window space.

And paying part of your utility bills.

"Why should anyone help build out their network when it includes no incentives for the customer?"---Out of the kindness of your heart, for poor, struggling Sprint needs the kindness of strangers, or customers, or whatever. :dry:

I take it you are joking, but seriously................ Sprint is a for profit corporation and the last time I looked they are not giving service away or at a discount for poor or struggling consumers and if they are it is most likely subsidized by the Government.
In this instance they are ultimately profiting off consumers/customers willingness to install these devices in their home out of the kindness of their heart there by expanding service for those passerbys outside the home making Sprint service more attractive and thus increasing their bottom line with no remuneration for those consumers/customers who are helping to expand that service foot print. It is hard to fathom that Sprint is offering this with a straight face. :sick:

You don't need to be a customer to install this device and have it benefit Sprint, so........... "I will go, but I must be fed". :stuck_out_tongue:

You got it. Business is often cold hearted. The entire news about this magic box is odd. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

I would do it in a heartbeat, in my home and in my place of business.

I have lots of Sprint devices and am expecting my 4gcommunity hotspot, tomorrow, which will be our primary home internet.

If they'll give me a free gizmo that'll bump up the signal then I'm all for it.

Sprint has gone from THIS path, whereby they'd pay property owners for locating small cells on properties to THIS, whereby Sprint achieves its goal and the property owner receives no compensation. Up to 64 connections riding on that li'l box in your window and voila, "It's free, they didn't have to give me this. Can't b'lieve the level of generosity. I should be grateful." Boom - Jedi Mind Trick.

How much control does the recipient of the Box have over who benefits from its use? I wonder would people be as amenable to providing passersby a free connection to their wifi? Just provide open access.

This would definitely work well in conjunction with the 4gcommunuty service.

Too bad you have to pay for Sprint services to expand their service for them. You would think they would offer these to just about anyone willing to install it in their home?

Even though I'm in a somewhat rural Mayberry-ish town I get pretty decent Sprint signal. (~-89dBm for LTE)

I have an active cellular booster that we take camping, though, and it adds a bar or two to the signal and increases the available bandwidth.

A free one for the house, wouldn't hurt my feelings any.

That's just it, it is not really free.

At this point it would cost you whatever the cheapest consumer services you can purchase from Sprint in order to qualify to get it, plus the electricity consumed to operated it.
I would imagine Boost and Virgin will offer this to their customers as well. Will Sprint MVNOs offer this device?

The whole program significantly benefits Sprint, unless you are the one walking past the house within a ~100 yards of the unit with your data on.

Maybe find a neighbor or two who subscribe to Sprint and convince them to install one?


For what it is worth, Marcelo Claure has finally beaten John Legere although the honor may be a dubious one.

Claure is the third most hated CEO in America coming in behind the inimitable Oscar Munoz of United and the smiling (all the way to the bank) Marissa Mayer of Yahoo. The T-Mobile CEO came in fourth.

Most Hated CEOs

  1. Oscar Munoz | United Airlines | Score: 21.5
  2. Marissa Mayer | Yahoo | Score: 32.8
  3. Marcelo Claure | Sprint | Score: 32.8
  4. John Legere | T-Mobile | Score: 41.9
  5. Gerry Smith | Office Depot | Score: 42.7
  6. Doug McMillon | Walmart | Score: 42.8
  7. Gary Kelly | Southwest Airlines | Score: 43.7
  8. Meg Whitman | HP Enterprise | Score: 43.7
  9. Doug Parker | American Airlines | Score: 43.8
  10. Dion Weisler | HP | Score: 43.9
  11. Alex Molinaroli | Johnson Controls | Score: 44.6

Munoz may not be popular but UAL stock has recovered nicely from the incident in Chicago in April so perhaps the company's shareholders have a more positive view of him.