From a newsletter - positive, negative, or what...?

I realize that what I'll place here is likely to not only be very controversial, but also likely to be seen as having some sort of political aim, so here is my position statement beforehand:

I hold neither any position nor opinions regarding political stuff;
My concerns are for the well-being of 'regular folks' who have been forced into terrible struggles by the world events of 2020;
If I could make a wish that might come true it would be for the return and increase of ease in place of all the fears and stresses which have been imposed upon folks who simply wish to live & let live.

Now, having gotten that out of the way - I posted a cleaned up version of that newsletter online so it could be seen by others, starting with a friend whom I knew would want to see it.

All the adverts have been deleted and hopefully all the sneaky links as well as they are always, all tracking links in that newsletter.

For anyone still it is:

I've no idea how long that will stay up & for me it was merely done as a convenience after making a reasonably sized PDF of that same content was not happening for me.

Best Wishes to All !!

If the question was: "Positive, negative, or what...?"

Then my answer falls under "What", namely:

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

Thank you for replying here.
(Enjoy the Koolaid.)

My way of viewing such things is simply the response of 'show me';
If/when such tellings are proven factual by tangible reality, then their credibility may become assured.

Until such may occur, I draw no conclusions and certainly do not condemn those who desire improvements in world conditions.

If openly caring about the well being of others is 'cuckoo' as your blanket statement would seem to indicate, that is a sad state of affairs indeed - my sympathies extend to you dear Golan.