Freeup talk app not working

Got my sim inserted into phone for the free plan able to call ok, but when trying to use freeup talk get message user not found, will it not work for the free plan?

I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like the free plan may not work with the app since it is not a paid subscription. (I vaguely recall questions about this earlier, when FreeUP started up.) Here is what it says on FreeUP's FAQ page:

[i]Go to your Google Play or iOS App store and download the FreeUP Talk app. You do not need to be a FreeUP Mobile subscriber to download and use the app to call and message other FreeUP Talk app users via the FreeUP Talk app, however only active FreeUP Mobile subscribers can use the FreeUP Talk app to dial landlines and cellular in the US, Canada and Mexico and internationally based on your plan details.

The FreeUP Talk app can also be downloaded and used Internationally. International customers can download the app without creating a FreeUP account and only use it to make app-to-app calling and messaging worldwide.

Login by using your mobile number and the passcode which will be sent via text message. Open Talk app and dial out by using the dialer pad in the app.[/i]

The FAQ wording is not all that clear, so you might try contacting their customer support team to see if they can help with this. Hope you can get the app working; please let us know how it goes. Good luck!

yes the app never worked with the free plan

I believe Diedrich_Duo is correct about the app only being available to those on paid plans. Until the recent plan changes, the plan page used to make that clear. The disclaimer didn't seem to make it to the new plans page.
I think it's likely that the restriction remains in place-- but it can't hurt to ask support.

I have the free plan sim inserted in an old At&t Windows Phone which cannot run the app. Quality of the calls is not great for some reason, but it works.