FreeUp Linked to Good2GoMobile?

I renewed my free FreeUp Mobile plan, this morning, and instead of getting the usual confirmation email that they send me, I got an email that said that my port request to Good2GoMobile had been received.

I don't know if my plan renewal initiated a port to G2G or if the companies are connected and they just accidentally sent me the wrong email when I renewed.

In the email there was a place where the number to be ported would be displayed and it was blank, which is what makes me think that it was an accidental email.

Has anyone else seen this?

Yeah, FreeUp and Good2Go have the same parent company, Ztar Mobile.
Ztar has been an MVNE for years, providing behind-the-scenes services for MVNOs. Ztar bought FreeUP sometime around Feb 2020. (But apparently Ztar had been providing MVNE services for FreeUP since they first appeared.)

My guess is that the automated systems share a common backbone, and something went wonky.

Our FreeUP lines are approaching renewal date, so I'll look for this in the next few days.

Hmm that's weird. I thought this was me. I received an EMail from good2go. saying sorry to see you go, your CC will no longer be charged. So I deleted this thinking its bogus or spam, till I seen your post on here. I will have to log into my freeup account and see whats going on.
Update: I just logged into my freeup account, and its normal as usual no changes. I just renewed my free plan too.

I have one free and one paid plan. Both renewed automatically on the 7th and the 10th respectively. No weird emails for me. Actually this was the first time ever that I forgot to renew my free plan manually...