FreeUP ends coupon crediting?

Logged in today and instead of the link to I saw a deal for auto loans. See attached pic.

Anyone else seeing this?

I don't use mobile app. On desktop web browser, I still see

It shows for me from there as well. I wonder why they changed it on the mobile app.

I use the mobile app every day and I still saw the usual earlier today.

Just logged into the app now and I'm getting the Fresh Start thing too.

I thought it might be a mistake so I quit the app and logged back in again. I still received the auto loan offer.

I successfully printed coupons about noon Central time and had the screen so whatever happened was after that I guess.

I just logged into and coupons on my desktop and its normal, so must be a problem restricted to the mobile app.

The app is giving me this error on 2 different phones. Glad to hear the browser route is working!
Trying to call up the coupon area looks different on my 2 phones, but both redirect to the auto loan page.

(EDIT TO ADD: I could print coupons okay going to the browser site at, using Chrome browser on my phone.)

the auto loan offer show up! It asks for "real" information. yeah right.

Same behavior you guys have described (app directs to an auto loan page). Web page works fine for coupon runs.

Also getting the Auto Loan offer. Tried to go through the Free Up Billaway portal, I get to the site then try to print but am blocked at the SMS text verification point. Phone number was generated by Free Up a year ago, I get texts from all our other phones but can not receive the text from

I may have goofed it up by entering another number to see if it would get the text, it did.

Anyone else get blocked here?

UPDATE- Used FireFox instead of Chrome and got the code right away. Everything else flowed on through.

I sent a message to Support.

I didn't think that it could have been a mistake, I guess I've taken part in too many of these offers and just figured that they were trying to phase it out. I looked under the other categories of offers and found the offer on the mobile app. You have to hit the plus sign (at least on my phone) and then hit "Deals". Scroll down a little way and you can find the offer.

Great find.

A first: When printing coupons this morning, after having reached the print or save to Goole Drive page, the coupon showed up as a blank page rather than the picture of the coupon that was to be printed. This happened with a few coupons, and I just canceled the print job and went back and found another coupon whose picture would load properly for printing. I don't know if others have experienced this, but it was a first for me.

I've run into that from day one and have always done exactly as you described.

I've had that happen a number of times but I just go ahead and complete the print job (save to Google Drive) and it appears I get credited because I always get the success page.

And on my phone app, the coupon link is finally back where it belongs-- no need to scroll through the Deals/+ route anymore.

Thanks again to @thatrude for the interim workaround!