FreeUp Activation Thread

I thought it might be handy to put all activation questions and comments, in one thread, since so many are going through it right now.

I just activated my SIM, with no problem, and have verified that talk, text and data all work.

Blu Life One X
Dual SIM
Phone has T-Mobile and FreeUp SIMs

I'm not able to use FreeUp for calls and text while using T-Mobile for data. I assume it's because AT&T no longer has 2G and there's contention for the remaining radios.

Works fine if you set talk, text and data all to the same SIM.

I had been trying to print coupons in Firefox on Linux and was just getting a blank screen. Chromium worked, was able to save as PDF.


Just a heads up on an issue I had months ago. For the first month I printed coupons I never got credit for them. I emailed customer service and they weren't much help. (they just said 'give it more time') Then I figured out what this problem was. When I turned off my Ad Blocker while using FreeUp website and the site to print the coupons, then I started to get credit for each printed coupon. So the Ad Blocker was somehow interfering with FreeUP registering that I had printed one. YMMV.

OK, I have a really dumb but genuine question for all of you who are more tech savvy than I am (pretty much every living being on this forum). I have already registered for a FreeUP free monthly account, I already have my BYO device, and I just received my FreeUP SIM card in the mail today.

I've never swapped out a SIM card before, so here's my question. Do I install the SIM first, then activate it online, then power the phone back on? Or should I proceed in a different order?

Any and all helpful input would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Suggest to activate SIM first, then install. Good luck!

I've seen the recommendation to activate the SIM before installing, too-- and the FreeUp directions are in that order. I don't understand why.
I know I've done some GSM SIMs by installing, then activating in place, and didn't run into problems. Probably just luck that I avoided whatever issue might be a concern.

My FreeUP sim is activated, now for the questions -

  1. I noticed this on their site: "MAKE IT FREE GUARANTEE - Spend about 15 minutes per day engaging with our rewards app action categories and we will match the first $10 you earn in rewards to make the $20 Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB Plan Free."
    Does this apply to the Free plan as well?

  2. Has anyone ordered more than one sim at one go? If the sim is free, and shipping is $1.99, would ordering 10 sim's cost just $1.99? (I seem to remember that the system restricts you to ordering just one sim at a time?)

  3. Where did you guys get the referral code? Does it show up after the app is downloaded? (I haven't done anything with the app yet).


  1. It appears to apply to the free plan-- but I doubt anyone knows for certain, since I doubt anyone has been on the free plan long enough to see it happen. (Plus, we know there are some things on the site that need to be updated in regards to the free plan......) I think, but am not certain, that Frasier1 received that bonus when started on the $10 plan (instead of the $20 plan mentioned).

  2. I haven't. My guess is that the $1.99 will be applied on a per-SIM basis, if the system allows ordering multiple SIMs.

  3. I had the same question, and could not locate it on the website dashboard. Load the app, and you'll find it there easy enough. From the app, I emailed the referral link to myself (there's a button to email an invitation) so that I can have it handy without the need to acquire someone's email address.
    NOTE: the app requires logging in with your phone # and the PIN you entered when signing up, and does not remember login info. Awkward, especially since I opted for a new # to use as a spare line. I resorted to writing the FreeUp phone # on a piece of tape stuck to the back of my phone.

Thank you, KentE, for the answers!
Would be quite a bonus to receive $10 on the free plan! Hope it won't bankrupt FreeUp! I want them to be around forever, not gone like RingPlus. Maybe the wording of the "guarantee" implies that one would be required to interact with the app for 15 minutes daily to get the bonus.

The $10 offers as promo discount for an order. So if you order multiple SIM, only reduce $10.

My FreeUP sim is activated, now for the questions -

  1. Has anyone ordered more than one sim at one go? If the sim is free, and shipping is $1.99, would ordering 10 sim's cost just $1.99? (I seem to remember that the system restricts you to ordering just one sim at a time?)

I did get a free match of 10 bucks after I earned my first 10 bucks. But that was with a paid plan, I don't know if they would do it for the free plans. And I only have 25 cents on my new free plan so I guess I'll have to wait and see. Interestingly I noticed you can't buy any of the add ons for the free plan. Like if you ran out of free min. and wanted to spend 5 bucks to add additional min. to your can't. So what can you do with the rewards you earn on the free plan? Well, yo have 2 choices, you can either 'upgrade' to a paid plan using your reward dollars or, you can 'gift' your reward dollars on your free plan to your other paid plan. So if I earn 7 reward bucks by printing coupons on the paid plan each month AND I gift myself the 7 bucks for printing coupons on the 'free' plan, then I will have 14 bucks which more than pays for my 10 dollar paid plan. (boy that was a long sentence)

Thanks for all the info you have provided about FreeUp.
Re--buying add ons on the free plan: @m&m posted on the FreeUp mobile thread that the option to buy add ons is now working, and that is the case on my account as well, though I haven't actually made a purchase. So are you saying, even though the option to buy addons is now there, one still can't purchase add ons on the free plan? Thanks

No, I just meant it wasn't working for me. Glad to get an update that it is now working! Thanks.

Another successful activation, in a dual-SIM phone.

I activated a FreeUp SIM for a friend yesterday, in a Nokia 3.1 dual-SIM phone. This is a newer design dual-SIM phone than the one Chelle reported in the first post. It works fine with a FreedomPop (AT&T) SIM in the other slot for data only. FreeUp SIM in slot 2, assigned to 3G (AT&T uses 3G for voice now), with data disabled. Slot 1 holds the FreedomPop SIM assigned to LTE, data enabled. (Did it in that order because the phone quickstart manual indicated that arrangement, although I don't know if it was just an example, or a directive.) The phone was smart enough to automatically assign LTE to the FreedomPop SIM, as I already had the FreeUp SIM assigned and set up as 3G, and smart enough to assign the FreeUp SIM as 3G only instead of 2G/3G..
Voice and SMS work fine, as does Freedompop data. No switching of SIMs, involved-- it just works. I have not yet tested MMS. My friend does not use Google Voice, so no reports on whether that would be an issue. Functions were tested individually, so I can't confirm that data (e.g., streaming) would continue while calling. (It's a base free FreedomPop SIM with 250mb, so streaming isn't likely in any case.)

Nice! Thanks for the research, now you got me wanting to get a new dual-sim phone. :slight_smile:

Re: my post about the dual-SIM Nokia above, MMS has been tested and works fine with carrier # with configuration above.

I activated a FreeUpSIM yesterday, with Freedompop number ported-in.
After about 20 min I got email from Freeup saying port successfully, and I can dialout , send/receive sms with my number, and data is working fine.
However till now (about 24 hours later) I still cannot receive any call to this number.
Anybody has this issue?

I have not. But some general thoughts:
Maybe the FreedomPop # will take longer to set up fully in the system, since it wasn't actually registered for cellular calling before.
Are you using a different phone than you used on FreedomPop? If the same phone, does it have the FreedomPop messenger app installed? (It would need to be uninstalled, along with any other FP apps.)
Are you using Google Voice, or something similar?

I tried different unlocked phones with Freeup SIM, same result. can call others, and others show correct ported number. SMS in/out also show ported number.
But Freedompop site still shows that number in my account. I remembered last time I ported out from Freedompop (2 years ago?), after port, my freedompop account no more showing that number. and I have requested a new number for Freedompop for free.
I will wait a few more days to see.

min68 writes: "But Freedompop site still shows that number in my account."
I think this might be key. If the FP dash isn't just being slow to update, it sounds like the port is as of yet incomplete. If that continues for another day or 2, might be worth reaching out to FP support to inquire. If you use twitter, contacting them via @freedompophelp seems to get a quicker response.
(My experience matches yours when porting out from Freedompop-- the device still showed, but without a plan or number, and I could reactivate the same SIM with a new #.)