Freedompop & Unreal Mobile SIMs on Clearance at Best Buy

This isn't intended as a 'hot deals' post: the prices are consistent with what we've seen on previous sales.

Best Buy has all of the preloaded FreedomPop & Unreal Mobile SIMs marked as clearance items on line. Based on my (limited) experience, Best Buy only uses the 'Clearance' marking to indicate that the item is being discontinued for sale at Best Buy. (Could be an out-of-date model scheduled for replacement with a new model, or an item they've decided not to carry any more.)

The Freedompop 12-month/1GB is $40. Similar reductions on the Unreal Mobile SIMs. Oddly, the unloaded FP starter SIM is the only FP/UM item not currently marked as Clearance.

If these go away, I think it leaves Target as the only major brick and mortar outlet.

Amazon has the same

Yes, the same pricing. They're not marked as Clearance items on Amazon, but I'm not sure Amazon does that anyway.

It looks that FreedomPop service will follow the path of ringplus, cellnuvo, tello, and freeup?

That is one possibility. Another possibility is that Best Buy just isn't going to carry them anymore.

It's been nice Best Buy and Target both carried them, and that their sale prices seemed to be staggered-- so it increased the chances that they'd be at sale prices at one or the other.

I suppose an even more optimistic possibility would be that this is the beginning of a wave of clearing out stock in preparation for Red Pocket either absorbing the Freedompop landscape into their own branding or expanding the Freedompop offerings across more carriers.

Of course, if they did either of those things in a way that didn't offer any advantages over their existing plans, that isn't "more optimistic" anymore.