FreedomPop has a new family plan for $5/month/line w/unlimited cellular minutes

FreedomPop rolled out a new family plan (2 to 10 lines) for $5/line/month. It gives you unlimited talk & text with cellular voice (Premium Voice), MMS/Group Messaging and Visual Voicemail. It uses Sprint.

Minimum two lines. It includes free 1 GB data shared across lines (with additional data packages available.) And at the moment there's no BYOD.

Would be valuable if you needed a couple of lines since it includes all the extras like premium voice. I wonder if freedomfriends still adds 500mb and if you will be able to get 500mb per line.

An interesting development with some perks. Might work for some.

The SD post mentions Premium Voice but I do not see it listed on FP's site...I see "free month of Premium 4GB" but not Premium Voice...

Since FP to FP calls have been unlimited for a while now, it would seem better for each member of a "family" to get their own line with potential for more data and have BYOD options.

Premium Voice cellular calling, assuming SD is correct that it's included, is more reliable and higher quality than FP VoIP over data calling.

Agree. We used it for the first month free trial and it was great. For now, not willing to pay $3.99/month for it. FP's VOIP still has some work to go... Our numbers are all in Google now so we've just been using the free data to make calls via Hangouts.

Calls on Hangouts for us are very clear and smooth but have some latency. We have a mix of BYOD (using Sprint's LTE) and the GSM LTE SIM (on AT&T's LTE). The LTE SIM gets faster peak/average speeds but has more latency....

The link showing premium is included is here (right above step 4):

This isnt their best deal, no byod and not free etc, but it also is not their worst idea/plan. :slight_smile:

Seems like the use would be for those who need unlimited premium minutes, but little data. Premium voice is only $3.99/mo for a free plan. A similar single phone plan would be their Premium 1GB which is $19.99/month, so, cheaper than that. Assuming Premium 1GB actually has the same "free" services. So, I can see this being of value to those who need the minutes. We're data folks, don't need minutes, need data! But not bad.

Does anyone use this family plan? Does the plan use AT&T? Is it true cellular now that Red Pocket owns FP. $10 for 2 lines of unlimited T&T and 1GB of shared data sounds great. Website shows you can BYOD unlocked GSM phone.

I can't tell that it's anything new:
This page was updated 4 months ago-- but appears to contain information much older than that.

(4 months ago, I don't believe FP was doing any CDMA......)

It would indeed be attractive if it was cellular voice.
If it is, FreedomPop is not doing a good job of promoting the plan.