FreedomPop Facebook Support

I haven't needed much help from FP Support, in the past, but when I have I've used email and it wasn't a great experience.

The responses and follow-ups were slow and it felt impersonal and underwhelming.

The past two times I've tried using Facebook messages, instead, and I've been very pleased.

I usually get the first response in 8 to 10 hours and then everything happens very quickly, after that, with prompt responses to my follow up questions.

I'm very happy with their Facebook channel of support.

I've been reducing the number of FP devices I have by deactivating most of my Global SIMs. However, I've had rollover on four of them and accumulated quite a bit of data on them. (Roughly 13GB, each.)

The Support Team has been moving my accumulated data to other devices (Sprint MiFi and LTE SIMs) so that I can deactivate the Global SIMs.

It's nice to have so much data on the devices that I most frequently use.

Anyway-- if you need FP tech support I definitely recommend using their Facebook page.

FreedomPop also has excellent support via private message on Twitter and on FatWallet.

Yup, FP on Twitter has always resolved my issues within a business day.

I agree Twitter support has been really quick & helpful.

Nice to know their Facebook support is good too but I closed my FB account.

Off topic,
If you close your facebook account. How do you preserve hundreds of contacts we have made worldwide over the years.