FreedomPop Exclusive Sale

Did anyone else get that email just curious it was sent today...

What is the offer?
I got an offer a couple of days ago on one account for a 10GB data "fill up" for $40. This one is risky. It's done as a top-up credit equal to the cost of 10GB of data overages. Sounds good...... but I haven't seen anyone get answers about the details:
Does the top-up roll over, so that you can use it as you need it, or is it only good for the current month?
Will it be subject to the same 'disappearing top-up credit' that usually applies? (Where you have to ask for the credit to be reinstated every month, or it goes away.......)

If you're seeing that one, and are tempted.... try to search for more details before clicking on the email. Earlier reports indicated that it didn't take you to a page with more info, but immediately made the purchase.

Those were my worries, thank you for confirming this wasn't truly a "targeted" deal.