Freedompop down report 5/27/2020

I noticed this thread

Please-- as of now, there is no particular reason to think these accounts are being axed.

My understanding: a number of folks are reporting that there line does not work, and that logging in to the dashboard online shows the general 'store' page, the header "You have not signed up for FreedomPop service yet. Already have a device?", and no plan details, phone number, or history.

I can confirm that all of our free SIMs show this, except for a data-only SIM. I've checked a couple for service, and there is none, so it's not just a dashboard display error. (All have been used within the last 3 weeks, one as recently as 2 days ago.)

At least one iPhone user in the linked thread says their plan is working as normal.

If you're planning on using your FreedomPop line, best to check first before you get somewhere where it might be really inconvenient to be without service.

If your line isn't working, with the symptoms noted above, I would recommend against taking any steps to try to make it work by proceeding with the 'activate' suggestion on the website. With this group of symptoms, this isn't the usual 'hibernating' line, and the 'activate' function isn't likely to fix it, and might well mess things up further.

My thoughts-- I think this is a server database issue: reach out to support, perhaps via twitter, to let them know about the issue-- and/or wait for the dashboard to return to showing some kind of detail about your line before you go poking buttons......

I almost hope they do go away.

I have about 8 lines, including one data only line, that I dutifully keep alive and also reactivate the credit every month.

The only one I care about is the data only line.

I'd actually be relieved if the others went away. I only keep them alive because I'm not a wasteful person.