FreedomPop APN Settings (New + Original)

Saving this link here because it was a little hard to find the first time. Top is new sim, bottom is old sim:

The data APN line for Premium is 'RESELLER'. That's the same one for Tracfone AT&T (and probably some other AT&T MVNOs). I recall data did not work on my Galaxy S5 running Android KitKat with this APN so I probably can't use the phone for FP Premium either. No matter. WiFi calling is much easier on iPhone.

I doubt anyone will need this anymore, but just in-case if so:

Here is the link to activate old att annual sims (Sims that start with 890117)

Personal Note: I just activated my last $15 for the first year 1GB/month sim.

Original Post when I got them:

Feels bittersweet a bit.

Reminder appreciated, savashadow! I have one more unactivated SIM sitting a drawer, waiting for closer to the expiration of my active plan. (And trying to figure out in the meantime if there's still a way for me to leverage this in a dual-SIM phone.....)

To identify the legacy AT&T SIM, I think you need more numbers: 890117 should be sufficient.

I do appreciate those added numbers KentE, I did update that in my post.

I used those sims always in a dual sim phone. Having those sims along with the (now grandfathered) truphone prepaid sim with unlimited incoming calls has been a blessing :slight_smile: