FreedomPop annual plan SIMs on sale

Chelle posted a little while ago in the Unreal Mobile thread about a FreedomPop annual plan for $150/year with 5GB/month.
FP is currently offering 20% off in the store, and this SIM (and the 1GB/mo SIM) are available.

At 20% off, that works out to $10/mo for 5 GB--pretty sweet. No downgrading necessary on these SIMs.

How does this compare to FP's new Unreal service?

More data but it doesn't have true cellular voice, like Unreal has.

Also avail at Best Buy, so can earn gift cards from other apps like Shopkick and Checkpoint to pay for it.

Question, does the 500MB bonus still apply? Meaning would the 1GB equal 1500MB a month of data?

The yearly plan SIMs can get Friends bonuses, so 1500mb should be easy.
No discount on the SIM from Best Buy right now, although I did see where they were sale priced for a week or 2 a while back. (I think close to the same 20% discount that's available from the FP store now, although one would pay shipping from FP.)

CORRECTION to my OP in this thread-- the site-wide FreedomPop discount does not currently apply to the annual SIMs. (The discount won't show until the checkout page, and I followed it that far last night before bailing.)

I think it did work the last time FP had both a site-wide sale and in-stock annual SIMs, but not now.

Target currently has the annual 1GB SIM discounted to $44.99, with free ship-to-store available.
This plan is looking more intriguing considering the change to Friends bonuses, since it's now 4 times the data of the basic free SIM. (Although also suffering from the loss of Friends bonuses.)
(The annual plan SIMs do include Voicemail and MMS, but still limited to VoIP calling/SMS.)

Target does not offer the annual 5GB plan SIM. Best Buy does, but not discounted.

Mark pointed out in another thread that the annual 1GB SIM is also available at the same discounted price on Amazon currently: (Thanks, Mark!)

Perhaps this deal should be put in another thread, but this Freedom Pop hot spot deal might be of interest to those on this thread, assuming it is a good deal.

That's an excellent price on a good hotspot. I bought one on Ebay to use with a FreedomPop SIM a while back, and paid about $20 including shipping-- after looking around for the best deal.

This one is going to run $20 by the time one downgrades to the free plan, but in my experience FreedomPop devices are usually in very good condition.

If I were going to get another one, I'd think about pairing it with the $45/$50 annual plan SIM mentioned above. I think you could cancel the SIM coming with the hotspot within the trial period to avoid paying the downgrade fees, and just insert the annual plan SIM.