FreedomPop and the Game Warden

The game warden walked up on the old cajun and asked, "Can I please see your fishing license?"
"Fishing license? But I'm not fishing."
"Can you please explain that bucket of catfish, then?"
"Oh-- those are my PET catfish. I just bring them down here so they can get some exercise. I dump them into the bayou and, after a little while, I whistle and they all come back. They jump back into the bucket and I take them back home."
"Uh, yeah, right. Why don't you show me, then."

So the old cajun dumped the catfish into the bayou and they all swam away. After a few minutes, the game warden said, "Okay. Now whistle for them to come back."
"Whistle for what to come back?"
"The catfish."
"What catfish?" the cajun asked.

I remembered that story when I contacted FreedomPop tech support, the other day.

As I've gradually decommissioned my global SIMs, they've moved the accumulated data off of them, first, onto my MiFi device. I then canceled the SIMs without losing any data.

I'm down to my last global SIM and I sent them this request:

"Please help me out. My account is (redacted). I have two devices: a MiFi500 and a Global SIM. I just got the message about the global SIMs being decommissioned. I've been paying for rollover on both devices. Please move the data from Global SIM device name "M2" to the MiFi500 so that I can deactivate the Global SIM. I would also really appreciate it if you could move the top-up dollars from the SIM to the MiFi500 as well. Thank you!"

The cajun replied:

"Hi! We are able to transfer the accumulated data on your old global sim account as well as the credit however, you need to cancel the Global Sim account first before we can transfer. You can do so online through your account or you can simply do so by calling 1(800) 663-1791. Provided below is an article that can also assist with your request. Even though they share the same email account, closing one will not affect the others."

I replied:

"I would think that I'd lose everything if I deactivated the SIM. Are you sure that's the correct procedure? I did this with some other global SIMs on that same account and we did it in the reverse order. I really don't feel comfortable cancelling a SIM that has $70 worth of data on it. Could you please move the data, then I'll cancel the SIM, then you can move the top up?"

Am I correct to be concerned about this?

I'm afraid that the old cajun will say, "What data?"

I see some parallels to TracFone transferring accumulated minutes/data.

But, yes, I'd certainly be cautious here.

Well, we exchanged more information and they're quite confident that that's the correct procedure.

I took lots of screenshots and cancelled the device, even though it gave me warnings that I'd lose all of the data.

Hopefully they know what they're doing!

Well this is awkward: Chelle, I had composed the following earlier and answered a call before I could press submit and saw that circumstances had changed. I really hope you and I were wrong and they come through. Come to think of it, you are an unusual FP customer in that even on your "Free" accounts you were a paying customer so you might be getting the VIP treatment compared to us poor shmo normal joes.

Chelle, you are one of the smartest and most strategic/thoughtful cookies I have seen on this or any other forum... you see this coming a mile away.
Trust your judgement and stick to YOUR script because their script as so many FP actions of late are plainly designed to screw you over and "save" them pennies whenever possible.

Thanks for the kind words!

"What catfish?"
Very cute & funny Chelle !!
Thanks for sharing that tale.

(Sounds lots like what TF likes to say when working at transferring balances from one phone to another...)

To be fair letting you transfer the catfish at all is pretty nice. Many prepaids don't let you do that. Would be worried about closing the line though before the data gets transferred!

Leaping Lizards - gotta love them catfish !!!
(Corporations only PRETEND to do 'nice' while they are smilingly saying "What catfish?" )

Catfish? Yes, make good pets if you have a big pond or big lake behind your house! LOL!

Here, in Georgia, catfish and possum is our version of surf n turf.

That's some mighty fine eating.

Good news-- they followed through!

The catfish jumped back into the pail and FP completed the transfers as promised.

Thanks, FreedomPop!

Congrats Chelle, I still think you get VIP treatment as a paying customer vs the majority of "freeloaders" but the important thing is they came through for you. I frankly am so used to bad news from FP that this was a pleasant surprise. :wink:

That is some whistle you have there. Can you share how it sounds? lol