FreedomPop alternatives & contingencies

We don't know what's going to be offered via Red Pocket (for GSM) or Ting (CDMA). I'm planning on sticking around to see, but it's always useful to have some contingency plans in mind-- so I thought dedicated thread might be in order.

For those using a FreedomPop MiFi unit, this Net10 offer looks pretty good.

This offer is only available through Tracfone's Ebay store.
$80 for a ZTE 291C hotspot and a 360 day plan with 10GB of data. (For the year). That works out to 833mb average per month, for $6.66/month. Seems like an attractive price.

Net10 uses all 4 networks: the model # with C suffix is typically used by the Tracfone Group to indicate Verizon network. I've sent an inquiry, and will update. (The ZTE 291 itself seems to be 3-carrier capable: AT&T, T-Mo, Vzw.-- but the Ebay listing doesn't allow you to choose between the networks.)

I also do not know if it's possible to move the SIM to a different device (i.e., a phone.).

This one is very good but looks like we're already about half way into 2019.

Possibly a very short term (one month) solution is T Mobile $45 plan for $1. Must have a new unused T Mobile compatible sim card. Should work with tethering capable phones, but not sure about hotspots. Too bad one could not get a bundle of T Mobile sim cards and pay $1 a month using a new sim card every month for many months.

Verizon postpaid has a 1gb data only standalone plan for $10 a month. For those looking for data only.

Redpocket has the same for ATT compatible devices Red Pocket Mobile Broadband

For those with a Sprint-network phone--
I'm going to wait to see what Ting's offer is, but Hello Mobile looks pretty good as a replacement.
The base plan is $5/mo for 250 minutes/unlimited text, 250 mb: OR 0 minutes/unlimited text/500mb
OR 500 minutes/unlimited text/0 data.
(click of 'View More Plans').
2nd month is free right now.

FreedomPop has been problematic in the past with releasing phones, sometimes requiring Support assistance to get it done. If you wait for Ting to take control, this should be easy.

I do wonder about devices purchased from FreedomPop/Unreal. These are MEID-locked to FreedomPop, I think for 6 months. In an ideal world, these would all be unlocked from FreedomPop when transferred to Ting (or really anywhere else, now)-- but if that's FreedomPop's responsibility, it might not be smooth.

It seems like freeup is the best
unlimited calling, and 2gb a month for $20
And if you print out 7 coupons a day , you make $20 a month, so the service is free

Tello now do 1gb for $6 (plus unlimited 2g data)

Or Unlimited talk, text and 1gb for $10

When did Tello drop their pricing to this?

I got an email from Tello this morning announcing the new prices.

June 11, 2019

FreeUP is great-- and I use it. It's a good solution for those with AT&T-compatible phones.

My Hello Mobile suggestion was for those with Sprint-network phones. Tello is always very competitive for Sprint network, but even with the new price structure Hello Mobile appears to have a very slightly lower cost for the lowest-tier 3-bucket plan, with allotments that may work better for those who rely more on cellular voice than text..

(As an aside-- I love that Tello goes out of their way to include existing customers in any price drop, without playing any games. The only time it didn't seem to work out to everyone's advantage was when they switched their 'unlimited text included' from being paired with data, to being paired with minutes. There were a number of us here who started with hybrid plans with minimal data, the smallest text bucket, and minutes from a PayGo desposit. Tello grandfathered that arrangement for existing accounts-- at a price drop!-- but any temporary change to the plan means it's lost for good.)

Tello has great pricing, customer support, and integrity. They're a rare company in these times.

I got the Tello email this morning also. I like Tello, but put my brothers Sprint device on Red Pocket month or so ago. Seems Tello might be trying to compete with RP to grab some of those FP people.

Red Pocket just ran their 100min/100sms/500mb per month when purchasing yearly plan for $50, not sure if it's still on sale now or not. I almost jumped on it but FP LTE free plan was still working good for me. Now I hope RP has something like that or even better, if the FP free plan goes away.