Free Windows Upgrades Still In Effect for Win 7 & 8

I had heard that Microsoft quietly reinstated free Windows 10 upgrades, sometime last year. My guess is that it's in anticipation of the end of life for Windows 7 that's coming up this month.

An 85 year old lady that I help out was hoping that Windows 7 would outlive her so she wouldn't have to learn how to use another operating system-- but apparently she's just too darn healthy.

I did a straight upgrade of her computer today, after downloading the media creation tool, and it worked great and activated automatically.

If you've been holding out you should probably go ahead and git 'er done.

Would you have the free link? Or how to get it? From win 7 to win 10

Thanks chelle

Pardon my laziness, but do you have a link?

Just Google "Windows 10 Media Creation Tool" and download it from the Microsoft website. It's small-- less than 20MB.

Then you can either upgrade, in place, or create a bootable USB flash drive to install a clean copy. In either case it will download the correct installation files.

If you upgrade it will automatically activate without entering a product key.

If you do a clean install it may or may not ask for a product key. If it does ask you can enter your Windows 7 or 8 product key and it will work.

It will automatically install Home or Professional, based on what you're upgrading from.

Maybe this link will work for you.

You might want to think about avoiding the Nov. update version of W10( see the below link) and just choosing Windows 10.

Thanks, guys.

If you go to the Windows 7 update page at Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 update history, you see a listing of all the Windows 7 updates including security-only (I don't want to do the regular updates. Who knows what they'll "update"). The page states that:

So, if you do the December update you don't need any previous months. right? I ask because (for example) the December security-only update for 64-bit systems is 35.5MB, while the September security-only update for 64-bit systems is 49.9MB. What happens? Do they look at the update after they release it and take out any unnecessary parts so it slims down?

I haven't kept up on Windows 7 and 8 updates. I was referencing updating those operating systems to Windows 10 using the media creation tool.

Thanks Chelle. Yes, with the media creation tool you can still update to 10 for free. And that may come in handy now. I haven't kept up with all the 7 updates either. I was just curious as to how they work size wise. No big deal. Just curiosity!

You probably have until the 14th of this month to get the free update to W10. If you don' t update you'll be running an unsupported, unsecured system, if that is not the case already. And you will have to pay for W10 after the 14th, I assume.

Is there a way to recover my Windows password - when I don't have access to Windows on any other machine? Thanks for any help.

(I searched, and found this - How to create a Windows 7 password reset disk - CNET But "reset password" needs me to have a previously-created "reset password drive" - which I don't have. And Parted Magic needs me to have access to Windows - which I am locked out of, since I don't remember my password).

So I guess my question becomes - is there any way to get into Windows using Linux if you have forgotten your Windows password? Many thanks if you can solve this sticky problem for me!


link says:

So, will the W7 license change to a W10 license and you'll lose the W7 license, or will the W7 license become a W7-&-W10 license? I try to see if I can install W10 to a new partition and leave W7 as it is.

I don't think you'll be able to have your cake and eat it, too.

Oh no... Thanks for the reply.

Here's another path to upgrade from W7 to W10 that one can walk away from while your pc is upgrading. I wouldn't try this method if one's W7 is dual booting with another OS, for you pc will likely not reboot automatically, as the article states, during the upgrade.

What if @dst11 clones the existing Windows 7 partition to a new partition or drive, then upgrades one of the Windows 7 installations to Windows 10?

It won't hurt to try but I suspect that Microsoft will throw up a few roadblocks.

Win, Win For M$
With 1/3 (lots of millions) of the world's PCs still running on Windows 7, and it's free support from Microsoft ending today, there will be millions paid by businesses and the like to M$ for continued support of W7 as well as millions spent buying W10 or a new PC with W10 on it. Pretty good haul for Microsoft in the coming days, I would say.

Can an individual user still follow the FREE upgrade to windows 10 path or does that end now also?